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Thread: Why, Hello There! :)

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    Red face Why, Hello There! :)

    I guess I should just buck up, and introduce myself. Everyone knows me as Nate. I'm a 18yo DL, however I've been slowly looking into the AB portion of everything and have been enjoying it. I am a little incontinent, and every once in a while leak It's possible that it could turn into full-on incontinence >< I've tried 6 different types: Bambino, Abena X-Plus, Molicare, Depends, Tena Underwear (no tens slips near me... not a big enough town ) and Goodnights.

    Anyway, I'm currently working on having a career as an electrician. Ive gradded from 1st year university and high school. I've got a wonderful girlfriend who supports me, and everything that I'm going through. My mom and dad don't know I'm incontinent... It's kind of embarrassing... I enjoy a few sports. Anything that involves a board is lots of fun! I also like dirtbiking. There is lots more that I could talk about and say but this thing would get huge.

    So, again, this is me. I hope to get to know anyone here. Just give me a message and we can talk!!
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    Hey there welcome to ADISC.

    You've got a pretty good, thorough-though-short intro there, which is good to see. I know we have plenty of people here who are into extreme sports and at least a few electricians as well, so you should fit in nicely. Anything with a board? I presume you meant skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, etc? (Shuffleboard? ) Any particular favorite? I'll bet it depends on the season, of course.

    Sorry to hear about your medical issues. There are quite a few legitimately incontinent people on here, as well. You fear it may turn into full-on? Why is that? Do you have a degenerative issue there? Hope you're seeing the right specialists for it, as I certainly hope things don't lead to that for you.

    Anyhow, you take care and I hope you enjoy your stay on ADISC as much as I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NervousNights View Post
    Hello Nate welcome to ADISC.

    You will find that there's a lot here that will interest you, from incontinence support to computers.

    I am glad that you were able to confide in your girlfriend, but am a little concerned that you have said nothing to your parents and further make no mention of seeing a doctor. Trust me - being fully incontinent will have an impact on your abilities in your chosen career, so do see a doctor.

    That the reason I mentioned computers to you is the way they are employed in every sphere of the electrical game, it is given that you will need to have a working understanding of them. You will also need to be good with maths and be prepared to upskill on a regular basis. That said you should be fine.

    Again welcome to ADISC

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    Yes, you presume correctly about the sports Shuffleboard? what is that :P as for a particular, I do not have one. I like them all

    As for my medical issues, I don't think it will be an issue as long as I start eating properly. That's all. I did have a few days where the flow was just a tad more than what I've had before. Spoke to someone and they said I just need to eat a bit more than I have been, that's all.

    Thank you for being so friendly!!

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    Nooooo not Comic Sans!!

    Your second post is far easier on the eye.

    Welcome =)

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    Acorn, I did talk about seeing a pro about whats going on with me, in another post here. Don't worry, its all being taken care of. As for computers, I LOVE them. i rarely use the TV since I got my own tower and laptop lol. And I passed with good math skills, I think I'll be okay. I'll be talking to the Union here in my town, to see if I can get an apprenticeship

    Thank you for being so friendly!

    Sorry about that Arlikra >< I just like teh font lol. Thank you for the welcome!
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