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Thread: any other 18 or older in highschool?

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    Default any other 18 or older in highschool?

    I'm back in high school. I got in as a senior(thank god) luckily I'm going to meadow creek high(Duluth, Georgia) i can't wait to start (next week) . My local community college use quarter hours and the navy needs semester so this should be quicker. And with a high school diploma i can get into a university.

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    Congratulations. I've just started back to community college, (I'm 27) and it's not easy being in a learning environment with people that are much younger than you. I don't remember kids being that dumb when I was one...

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    I was 19 when I graduated. Cuz I got held back in kindergarten. I was the oldest in my school. Besides teachers and staff.

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    we have an 18 y/o freshman

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    When you posted that you you were think about this in another thread, I mentioned my biological brother being 18 in high school. I failed to mention that he turned 18 two weeks ago, just before starting his freshman year.

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    I'm 19 and a senior (again). I plan to become a mangaka ( a Japanese novelist) when I graduate high school and college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisuke View Post
    I'm 19 and a senior (again). I plan to become a mangaka ( a Japanese novelist) when I graduate high school and college.
    You should be proud of yourself for having the guts to go back. I graduated on time by the grace of god, and had I not I would NOT have gone back.

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    Good to hear you decided to go back to high school. I graduated at 19, so you should be ok.

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    after weeks of being told by the school i could get back in, I was denied. I turn 20 in November. Georgia's policy is when you turn twenty your out unless your a IEP student then it's 21 either way i would have to redo my junior year therefore i can't do it in time.

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