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    Hi, I guess its time to introduce myself, since I've become a lurker. I've put it off because I am shy when it comes to these things. Lets see I go by little Linus because Linus from the peanuts is my favorite cartoon character, I feel like I can relate to him. I live in N.C. and I am happily married. I enjoy photography, nature, ham radio and traveling. I guess I'm now an ab, though I have had these feelings since I was four years old or so, though I didn't know what it was back then. I had many health problems as a child so I think regressing has always been a way to deal with things. It has never had any sexual meaning to me. My parents new about it growing up though I was always scared to talk to them about it and they would avoid it as much as possible, It was like having an elephant in the closet. My wife also knows about it and understands though she does not want to be my mommy, which I understand. I have never met anyone else like me so I would like to meet other ab's or caretakers just to feel not so alone. Well, that's it. I hope it was a good intro. Though I am still nervous, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Please be kind in your replies

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    Welcome to the site! Nice introduction! What kind of music do you listen to?

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