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Thread: Post your Nintendo DS Wifi Codes here!

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    Default Post your Nintendo DS Wifi Codes here!

    If there is any game you like to play with others, post your name and Friend code here.
    here are my FCs:

    Animal Crossing:
    Name: Kirby
    Town: the City

    Metroid Prime Hunters:
    FC: 4596-6489-4824
    Name: Hexaod

    Pokemon [diamond and pearl]:
    FC: 0774 1193 9854
    Name: Kirby

    Final Fanrasy III [Mognet]:
    FC: 2792 9286 7290
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    I will post my D/P and ACWW game codes soon when I get them... Oh wait-- My ACWW game card got f*cked up, doesn't work anymore... *cries*

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    I don't have any teams bred/raised in Pokemon, I keep losing styluses so I can't really play MPH, and even if I could I couldn't play that and MKDS because I have no Wi-Fi in my dorm D:

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    I can't play MKDS because my game is f*cked up, it disconnects automatically after ~10 minutes.

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    If you have internet but no WiFi, get a Nintendo WiFi USB drive.

    As for DarkSun...
    Does every game you get, get ****ed up? lol, just a thought.

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