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    With so many of us around, why is it that I can't find a true adult version of a baby bottle? I'd really like one around 16 to 20 ounces and not shaped like the ones you can get at a feed store to feed a calf. Any good ideas on how we ramp up the size? No one seems to be offering them and I find that strange because I think the market is there. Thanks.

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    hhmmm she doesn't have for sale at the moment...

    Inner Child sells Adult baby bottles but I have no idea how big they are.

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    The ones from both inner-child and cozy 'n dry feature oversized nipples (think NUK5 for bottle teats) but regular baby bottles.

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    I have a Gerber top that will pop onto any bottle. Its meant to help toddlers learn how to drink out of regular bottles, but I used it to get the baby bottle effect. You should be able to find it in grocery stores.

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    I have heard of people buying animal feeding bottles from farm or veterinary supply places. Never looked into it but I think a bottle for a cow would be pretty easy for a adult to use.

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    I have heard that the animal nipples have a nasty tast to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonkid View Post
    I have heard that the animal nipples have a nasty tast to them
    Yes they do!! I know because when I was little I was curious and put the nipple to my mouth... I was only 2 yo so I wasn't that smart and it was horrible.... the nipple had a foul taste!!!

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