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Thread: The Underwear thing

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    Hey, ive been hearing that if you put on a lot of pairs of underwear, it feel just like a diaper, but i've only done that and i dont know what a diaper feels liek. so does the underwear thing feel like a diaper (btw, im wearing three pairs right now :3)

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    Heh... I know this sounds kinda weird and gross, but I thought that would work, so i got like 4 pairs of underwear on and went #1 in them :P It worked pretty well XD

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    Depends on the underwear. I can tell you from experience that it does not work well with boxers. But it doesn't work terribly with briefs or boxer-briefs, so long as the material is mostly cotton. It's kinda comfortable, and not a terrible makeshift diaper.

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    it did not work well because they get tight after 4 of em. and sctchguard is not a good idea because you are going to need alot!

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    If you don't have enough/can't put on more, why not just stuff some paper towels inside? It's something everyone has at home and also something no one will notice if it is gone!

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    When i first started out having an interest in this, i put on 8-12 pairs of white briefs. it was thick, but so constriction it was too uncomfortable to do anything with or stay in for any period of time.

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    When I was an adolescent (man, that makes me sound old ) I used to wear 5 or 6 pairs of white briefs, and then stick my legs through the bottom of a trash bag, and wrap the excess plastic around me, and then secure it with clear tape. Sounds a little weird I know, but I was desperate for diapers and didn't know what else to do.

    Long story short ("too late!") wearing multiple pairs of underwear (specifically briefs) can feel and function OK, but there's no substitute for the real thing.

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    I used to do that some too, but I learned one thing: if I used all the same size briefs--like 5 or 6 pair--they got too tight around the legs and got really uncomfortable. I tried using my regular size for a couple of pairs and then the next bigger size and that helped, but they still felt extra tight. I would put on toddler size plastic pants to make them more like diapers.
    I can now buy diapers and I use the pull-on type from babykins or another place like that. They are thickly padded and I only have to wear 1 diaper. And I use the right size plastic pants.
    If all you've got is multiple pairs of briefs, go for it; they feel like thick training pants, but real diapers are better.

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    i had a plan (which works really well) that would allow me to wear 9-10 briefs at a time. basically i grabbed an entire pile of underwear out of my draw, checked all the sizes and laid them accross the bed small to large. i but the small ones on first and managed to fit 10 of them max all in one. it does feel a lot like a diaper and once i kinda went #1 in it and it held really well despite coming out of the front a little.

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