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    Hi im Brooke, im new to the ABDL world My bf got me into it hehe Ive been experimenting with Diapers and stuff for about 4 months now and Only recently (the past month) have fully accepted that it is part of me :P Im inseparable from my dummy its always in my pocket if im not at home Im more of an AB then a DL, Ill use them for my bf but enjoy the comfort of them more then using them Im a gamer :P into Pokemon and WOW mainly and love reading. Im currently in my last year of High School and enjoy Science especially Biology. And LOVE animals Im also a furry, have been for quite a while just didnt realise what it called till about 5 months ago. My fursona is a Cat between the stages of kitten and cat and my colours and pattern is different depending on my mood but my fur is always short to mid length :3

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    wow you really got it from your bf? so that means he is a ab/dl also right? well anyways welcome to adisc and enjoy your time here! im in to pokemon now and then. and now with the new one coming out. welcome!

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    Nice to see you on here... welcome to ADISC

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