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    Smile The Perfect Wet

    when i am in a particular position, when i wet, i get the most perfect and comfortable nappy ever.
    the pampers expands perfectly in every direction around my legs, crotch and bum and when i walk i feel dead babyish. the nappy is perfect and i never want to take it off or add anything else to it.

    have any of you guys had the same experince? if so what postition is it in? (i.e. sitting, lying, standing, squatting) and which nappy?

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    dead babyish...does that mean you feel purple and lifeless when you wet?

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    Not sure if I'd call it "perfect", but diapers do tend to feel a little better when they've swelled up a bit. But everything has its limits. When things start to sag, time for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    When things start to sag, time for a change.
    That my friend, is what she said.

    ...and so I don't get negged to oblivion for derailing the thread, I'll post a real response too:

    I can't stand diapers when they're wet in the back. First off, it gets to my skin. Second... it's just annoying. Granted, having anything hot and moist up against the male parts for hours on end is annoying, but I really do find diapers more comfortable if they're decently wet, but not soaked, in the front.


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    Perfect term. Ha.

    For me the perfect wet occurs when I piss my diaper while sleeping on my tummy. It completely swells the front and my diaper turns into a balloon. I feel quoite babyish then. Which I then proceed to masterbate feeling like a baby.

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