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Thread: diaper tourism: what's in your neck of the woods?

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    Default diaper tourism: what's in your neck of the woods?

    What can you obtain where you are?

    As I am in a big city, I will restrict my answer to what I could locate in Edmonton, for plastic backed disposables and plastic pants, ignoring disposable underwear and other clothbacked entities.

    I scoured the Aspen chain: near Saveon Foods near the municipal airport, Aspen @ St Albert, Homecare on Whyte...

    And I poked my schnozz in Kingsway Rehab, (opposite Kingsway bus terminal)

    And in Market drugs on 97 St./102 ave.

    Plastic Pants first: I am afraid it's all bad news.

    The spawn- of- satan awful Priva's that self-destruct as soon as you look at them have been dropped by Shoppers Drug Mart, but are at one or two London Drugs. My mind is repressing the locations.

    AMG. makes cheap ones - $7 - but only !! in XL and XXL = waist 52"-62," one each of old stock still at Homecare on Whyte, some at Market Drugs on 97 St. They will work for a bit but won't last long; still twice the pant of a Priva, but a Priva barely beats a grocery bag with the corners cut off.

    both shown here: Incontinence Management | - Canada's online health, beauty, and skin care store Free Shipping

    Kingsway Rehab (opposite the Kingsway bus terminal) carries the premium AMG's, $25, snaps, heavy gauge, loud, and not the least bit babyish. Built decently if not spectacularly by the looks of them, and highly functional.

    Things now go from bad to worse.

    Plastic backed disposables? gone. Kaputt. Finito. There's nearly no old stock left, like a bag here, a bag there of Kendalls at the Aspen outlets (which they say hold 2.5-3 litres .)

    Other than that, it's all cloth-backed disposables. No more plastic pants at the medical supply stores north of the river; Earth's General Store on Whyte sells Gabby's but doesn't stock them ( either pp's or cloth diapers) ; they will only special order.
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    In Calgary the best place to get stuff is the CO-OP Home Health Care. They are the only medical supply store I have been to that keeps stuff out on a shelf instead of in the back room and they have a pretty good selection. Lillie Supreme, tape on Tenas in multiple sizes, Attends and a few other brands have always been in stock when I have gone.

    There is also the Ability Medical Supplies but their selection is nowhere near as good.

    I have not gone into the Shoppers Home Healthcare but have heard that they stock Tranquility. But their hours suck, no weekends.

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    I live in a small city about an hour south east of Edmonton, and here the selection is really not that great from what I've seen here. We have Depends, Tena and life brand. So far I've only been on diaper runs to the two shoppers drug marts in my city though, there are quite a few more places but I haven't been able to look at what they have in stock. I'm getting my drivers license in a few months though so I should be able to get out more to check what's in stock.

    Whoa. I just noticed, all of the posts in this thread so far have been from only Albertans. Come on rest of the world! Contribute!

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    It's worse in Lynchburg. Of course, the Falwells don't allow incontinence. It's not Christ like, and besides, you could be miraculously healed if only you'd ask. All kidding aside, we have just the usual, Depends, Tena and generic brands like Walgreen's, etc. As for plastic pants, I have not researched them at our medical health care stores like Lincare. I've never seen them there however. This is why I order everything from the net.

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    Live/Work in Salt Lake City.
    We have the The AdultClothDiaper.Com Home Page warehouse in our area. (10 min drive from my work) There is a medical supply store in Orem, Petersen Medical that sells Molicare diapers. There are some other places, but I haven't visited them.

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    i been to Edmonton a few times, went to market drugs(next to canada place?), they had some old attends(, they also had a bunch of other ones there to, just take a imediate right. There not very, how do i say this? incontinent aware and was a VERY embarrassing adventure. Also, i was with some friends but there is a drug store on 111 st, next to a cafe. I had seen a few plastic backed tena's that were opened a little. give them a try, i was with friends at the time.

    but what is in my town, nothing at all. we have a drug store but never been into it.

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    I am in edm as well, and I pretty much just order off the internet.

    There is nothing worth looking at in stores, and I hate buying in person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
    I am in edm as well, and I pretty much just order off the internet.

    There is nothing worth looking at in stores, and I hate buying in person.
    Excellent reasons, both. I hated doing so most of my life, with the embarrassing questions, like "Is this for you?" What are your incon needs: heavy? Or are you a dribbler? And worst of all, "Can we sign you up for insurance coverage and be your day-to-day supplier? Why would you want to pay when we will arrange ways to secure your Secure for free, Attend to your needs, and be the source on which you can Depend? Why not let us Prevail?

    I am not concerned any more with embarrassment. I just pretend they are for someone else. If you feel you must, bring along a pad and consult it:

    "Hi! Er... I need... lessee... *pulls out pad*... a pack of disposables for a 32" waist. What kind? I don't know. Best I get the most absorbent ones, just in case... Oh, and I am supposed to get plastic-backed if you have them..."

    Retail has advantages over mail-order: you can see what you are getting up front, for size, quality, and style; there's no chance of things getting lost or delayed in the mail; there's no shipping fee; and no chance of interception of the mail. These things are non-returnable mostly and you don't want to risk losing your money on goods that arrive and are no good.

    And you are so excited, you want your goods right away. It's Christmas come early! The last thing you want to do is eyeball a gift-wrapped diaper-shaped package under the tree for a week, holding your breath and trying to make the time pass less slowly in breathless, giddy anticipation... afraid the garb of your dreams will have something wrong with it when you finally get it in your hot, shaking little hands...

    Youngsters can't always easily get paypal or other means of making payment remotely.

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