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Thread: is there a market for ebaying diapers internationally?

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    Default is there a market for ebaying diapers internationally?

    I was just wondering if it could be worth the effort to sell diapers on ebay, the types that won't ship directly internationally?

    Bambino is one of the brands I hear that complaint about a lot... but given the already somewhat high price of the diapers, plus cost for international shipping, plus some markup for the effort, would people be willing to buy enough to make it worth one's while to sell them regularly? I'm looking to see if there's a "market" for this. I looked on ebay and there's just not much available right now in the way of diapers.

    And I just got to thinking, assuming that did end up being popular enough, that would be awful attention-getting, receiving large (multicase) shipments of diapers to my house regularly... owell I think I can deal with that. Maybe pick up directly at the depot.

    So this is a bit of a poll, to see who lives overseas that can't easily get what they want: What brands would you be interested in, how much more than base retail you'd be willing to pay to cover shipping and some markup to make it worth my effort, and what quantities you'd be interested in. And maybe what other minor things you'd like as options included with your order. (tho options no may be practical) I'm considering it may be necessary to say "cases only" just to keep overhead down - cost per diaper may simply end up too high for smaller quantities, but that's part of why I'm asking here.

    The one practical extra that does come to mind is that, assuming there's an interest in several different lines and sizes, to include a free sample of several of the other brands, sizes, or types in the shipments. The idea here is something that would fit in an opened and resealed case, to keep shipping simpler. Something like "pick your two bonus diapers to be included with your order". Something along the lines of requesting a large classico and a medium dry247 as your bonus with your case of large bianco.

    I'm going to consider than less than 1/2 of the people that reply to this thread will actually carry though on placing such an order though, I know how this sort of thing ends up working out. So if you are interested, please reply so I can get an idea of if this will work or not. I need hard numbers before making any decisions.

    I'd also like to invite comments from those that CAN order where they live, but that don't get discrete enough shipping normally. Obviously discrete shipping would be provided.
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    Which Ebay sites have you looked at? I know the US site has over 6,000 items listed under incontinence. I have checked other Ebay sites looking for diapers but have not found many sellers that ship to the USA. If I were you I would make a minimal investment at first and see how it goes. Sample packs would be a good idea to keep shipping low for those over seas.

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    Well i just moved to Israel from the US. I haven't had the chance to see whats available to me though.

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    You are talking about being a reseller: a distributor or retailer. Bambinos are already sold via mail order, through their site or existing distributors (eg. B4NS.) So are most other brands, even the ones available at retail.

    This is a difficult business to conduct and to compete in. Unless you have some (presumably low volume) and cheap source, like bankruptcy stock, it won't be worth your while. Bear in mind at Daily Diapers (just to name one site) they have an exchange where people give for free or just for the cost of shipping, their surplus; we are not the only community whose members are nice to each other. You aim to compete with people not out to make a profit.

    In my home town a new distributor is setting up shop, as the exclusive disistributor of a line of disposables. I am following his progress, and can tell you it is a huge undertaking, with high risk, low margins, huge logistical difficulties, the need for large funding/credit, and all manner of problems.

    Unless you can sell in bulk, and have ways to drop the costs per delivery below the post office's surface rates, you are in for a rough ride. Even if you know of an underserved market the moment you expose it the big players will undercut you.

    Lastly, Adisc is neither a venue suited to vending, nor one approving of its being used to promote commercial ventures.

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