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Thread: Funny things that happen at the Movies

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    Default Funny things that happen at the Movies

    Well i felt like doing this thread because last night i saw inception for the second time with some friends.
    . So all you can hear for the rest of the movie is laughing.

    So whats that funniest thing that has happened to you at the movies.

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    Ah. I see you've fixed it now. Very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    And how would that be done? sorry didnt even think about that.

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    When Spider man 3 first came out, a friend and I went to go see it.

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    me and my family went to see The Expendables and the part where the small army's on the dock shooting at the plane the power went out then when it came back on the movie started playing with out sound for 10 mins we sat there watching the movie and everyone in the theater was making there own sound effects

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    My wife and I went to see a movie which I now forget, but a large group of people came in high on crack. I know this because they were talking about smoking up right before they came. All through the movie they were carrying on. Though the best I ever saw was at a Peter, Paul and Mary reunion concert at the outdoor theater, Blossom Music Center. We were all sitting on the lawn on a hot summer night waiting for the concert to begin. Most people brought picnic dinners, such as ourselves. There were a bunch of young adults in front of us, very high on some sort of hallucinogenic. One of the guys got peanut butter and jelly all over his hands and absolutely began to freak out. He kept trying to get it off, all while he kept looking at his hands, more freaking, moaning, and rubbing his hands all over himself. I had to laugh. I remember when I was high on acid when in college. It was really funny watching someone else for a change.

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    going to see the room. Best movie experience ever! You throw spoons at the screen, you yell shit out, you play football, and most of all you have fun!

    Best movie experience ever i laughed so hard that night


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    I am trying to think of something and I can't, all of my experiences at the movies have been average.

    Go to movie, watch movie, leave.

    Throw spoons!? What kind of crazy auzzie tradition is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
    I am trying to think of something and I can't, all of my experiences at the movies have been average.

    Go to movie, watch movie, leave.

    Throw spoons!? What kind of crazy auzzie tradition is that?

    Its a ''the room'' tradition.
    quite fun :Po much

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    Me and two of my friends went to see The Last Samurai at the movies when it came out. So within the first like 15-20 mins a guy's head gets cut off by a samurai after he's captured. So this guy about two or three rows in front of us yells " AWWW, his head got cut off" and the 3 of us can't help but laugh or chuckle.

    Another time was me and my two friends went to see Yu-Gi-Oh on opening night. The three of us played the TCG and watched the first few seasons. So since there's about 15-20 mins before the movie starts my obnoxious and attention seeking friend starts preaching about how yugi is a cheater and saying "heart of the cards my ass! HE STACKS HIS DECK!!" Then he list other times where yugi cheated even in terms of the shows own rules.

    Early on in the first part of the movie they reveal who won Battle City, something that was going to happen on the show 2 weeks AFTER the movie comes out. So me and my friends start laughing and going "What the fuck they just spoiled the show"

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