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Thread: Greetings!

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    Smile Greetings!

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome. This is a really neat website.

    I wet the bed until the age of five or six. I remember a time when my
    mom and I went shopping for some new plastic panties at a local variety
    store. I can still see the racks displaying a dizzying array of lovely plastic
    panties, diapers, diaper pins and other goodies.

    I was a little scared that someone might notice and make fun of me. My
    little tummy buzzed as mom and I approached the check out counter.
    Luckily, it was a slow time of day and no else but one really attractive
    sales lady was around to see my worried and shamed expression.
    My fear and anxiety were quickly replaced with excitement and pride as she
    and mom made a big fuss -- OOOOoohh! Such Pretty Panties! For you?
    You sure are one lucky little boy today!! My heart raced as she and mom
    smiled. The heady, sweet aroma of the new vinyl panties filled my head
    as mom drew me a bath. I loved to play in the bathtub -- boats or diver
    but today mom let me try a new game with her -- Baby Time! WEEEeeeee!

    Mom let me splash around in the tub while wearing my cherished new panties.
    We laughed as funny air pockets formed and bubbles gurgled beneath the elastic waist band. My mom's blouse got wet and became very sheer from all our fun and games as she gently rubbed my back while giggling and cooing.
    She even teased and coaxed me to try 'em out for their intended purpose
    so I enjoyed a perfectly golden glow of pure bliss in sweet warm piss! WEEEEEEEE!
    Bi for now!!


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    I welcome you with gritted teeth, but only because Moo says I have to.

    Honestly, you might want to edit your post before someone not as nice as me comes along and hurts your feelings.

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    Hello, welcome to the site fountainofyouth.
    Hope you have a nice day. we are always here whenever you need advice/help or even just to talk about anything that catches your interest in the offtopic or mature board.

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    Wow, that's a good bit of fiction. I bet you just flung it all over your keyboard. I think it's best that you tell us again who you are and why you are here and leave out the bullshit.

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    Pleeeeeeeeeease stop. This story is quite obviously a fantasy. Go back, and make a thread that really describes you. No fantasy stories about your mommy buying you plastic pants as a kid.

    Closing this before the thread turns into a shitstorm.


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    Stories forum is here: Stories in Progress

    and now...try again!

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