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Thread: What makes your fursona...unique?

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    Default What makes your fursona...unique?

    It's come to my attention -- or perhaps it should be obvious -- that, throughout the furry community (the community as a whole, that is to say; not just the babyfur sect), many people seem to have given their fursonas special characteristics/abilities to differentiate them, if only slightly, from the mass of the furry population; to make theirs unique. These alterations can come in many forms -- special abilities, interesting and eye-catching fur markings/patterns, etcetera -- and are done for a multitude of reasons -- to use the character in a story, to base art off of them, to show them off, etcetera.

    The general consensus, I think, is that no one wants to be average or uninspired in their alternate persona choice, as they want others to look at theirs and be impressed at their creativity. However, it's somewhat rare that I come across something in a fursona that I haven't seen done a million times before, i.e. the staple red fox or some vulpine variant. When it comes to species, of course, I think I speak for everyone when I say it's hard to be truly unique or, at the very least, uncommon in your choice (I'll admit I've seen a few blends that I don't think anyone else has done, though). Sometimes, one must even result to fur-less creatures, such as scaled or aquatic specimen, to give themselves a semblance of uniqueness.

    That all said, what exactly have you done to make your own fursona unique/uncommon, if anything at all? Whatever it is, do you think you're the only one to have done/thought of it? And why did you bless your creation with such a thing, exactly? Whatever you may have given your online, fur-covered persona, I'm sure we'd like to know what you've done to stand out amongst the crowd. So go ahead and flaunt your furry self's stuff. :3

    (Maybe after a few opinions, I'll post my own.)

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    Well how many people have a mink as their fursonas? Not a lot obviously, thus I am original.

    (Quick question that would fit it in this thread, how many people here have a(baby)fursona that is exclusively for here or other sites of this nature but in general have a fully grown fursona?....I do.)

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    my fur wears element. I think its unique especially since i have never heard of a skateboarding fur IN MY LIFE

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    xdeadx has the whole Egyptian theme. Which in my opinion is pretty unique in itself.

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    I didn't exactly want to make a 'unique' fursona, I just believe it reflects my personality, I wanted to make it seem like me as much as I could, which is partly why I have no abilities or anything like that. As for species, I had no idea of what to choose so since I owned many cats in my life and I like them, I kinda chose this randomly. But cats are lazy, aren't they? That's another side of my personality =3. Since I had no idea for the name I decided to take my (dead) cat's... Not very original but I never am anyways, probably because I'm used to get my opinion judged. As for the appearance I just... looked 'African Wild Cat' on Google Images and that's what I found >.>

    I guess what makes my fursona unique is that it IS me.

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    Well, not many people have otters or squirrels for their fursonas, so they're unique enough as is. My dragon fursona is different in that while most dragons I have observed online use natural weapons (Teeth, claws, fire/other breath), mine embraces and develops technological weapons. How often have you heard of a dragon using a rocket launcher or driving a tank/spaceship? I personally haven't. My dragons other unique ability is the ability to survive and fly (using psychic propulsion) in a complete vacuum and reenter an atmosphere without extra protection. Most dragons only have wings, which don't work without air. Mine has awesome brain powers for this purpose.

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    i think this fursona is unique because, -_- do i really have to say it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulja_Flox View Post
    i think this fursona is unique because, -_- do i really have to say it?
    Yes, actually. That's sort of the point.

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    I don't know. But i assume having a dog fursona that is part yorke part poodle part black lab part retriever and a few others is unique.

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