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Thread: Is diaper gel safe?

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    Default Is diaper gel safe?

    For animals? Because I've gotten a new pile of used diapers backlogged and ready to go to the dump and my mother got a new cat for my other sibling. Yes, NEW. Don't ask what happened....anyway this cat somehow got into my room and found the stash under my bed. I know it was the cat because the door was open enough for a kitty to get through and it turns out the cat got into my dirty stash and tore into one of the used diapers. I'm concerned the cat ate some of the gel because a chunk was gone. Should I worry if this cat might die or get sick? I am not sure what the gel can effect on cats so...I don't know. The diapers were all wet, and some of them were messy. I'm not concerned that it got into my messy diapers because those were pretty much the way I leave them except for one that looked torn into a bit by claws. However one of the soaked ones like I said was tore up and into.

    Hmm...should I be concerned about the ammonia in the urine? I don't know. Advice please!

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    Eh... I would guess that it's not gonna kill it. Animals have acids in their stomachs to deal with such things. cats are resilient creatures. So chill. It'll be ok.

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    That's a massive amount of neg rep on the OP. oO

    I would imagine that eating a significant portion is unsafe especially for an animal but I don't think the SAP is anything like glycol and can't see why it would be attractive for an animal to eat. If your cat appears to become ill within the next 24hrs show great concern and suggest getting it checked out by a vet. I am not suggesting you should admit to anything, merely be concerned.

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    Well so far so good. If I take it to the vet my mother is the one who gives me rides so she wil take me. Which means she will probably go in the back with me since she pays for my things. So if the diaper gel is a problem that the vet needs to know about I wil confess it because I suspect my mother knows about my dirty diapers.

    The worst that can happen is either the cat gets sick and dies from eating the gel, consuming my personal waste productions, or my mother grounds me. Which she will probably anyway if she finds out about my diapers.

    Though it will provide a way for her to understand the smellyness of my room without me flat out telling her....hmm. I just don't think any son looks forward to confessing to his mother he poos in diapers on a daily basis and keeps them...hmm.

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    The only thing I would be concerned about is if the cat ate a great quantity, which I doubt. You have to be careful about intestine and bowel obstructions, as the gel might not digest very well. Keep and eye on the cat and make sure the food is going through.

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    cats have some of the most resilient stomachs of any animal. They're in there with most of the other scavengers like crocs, vultures, etc. Cats are extremely difficult to poison. Mostly certain plants like lilies and amaryllis. But then cats don't naturally eat plants much so that's not too surprising.

    When SAP absorbs moisture, it turns into the gel you're referring to. At that point it's pretty stable.

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    The only thing dangerous about eating SAP is if it's dry, it has a tendency to absorb water in the intestines and it may lead to dehydration if eaten in large quantities, as long as it was already moist it shouldn't be a problem.

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    The gel couldent be that bad but its he took a chunk of number 2 i imagine that would not be to great

    ....For the cat

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