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Thread: She's awesome!

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    Default She's awesome!

    So, today at school, they let us get out early. Since I had to wait one hour for my mother to pic me up, I decided to go to the computer lab to screw around for a bit. There, I noticed a classmate (female), we don't really talk much. But I still decided to sit next to her. I sat down, said hello, and started playing some Flash games. After some time (I got bored), I peeked over her screen, just to see: DeviantArt. I was like: Wow!
    -Side note- Yes, I know DeviantArt is pretty general, but what are the odds?
    So, we kind of spoke about drawing and stuff, when I asked her: Furraffanity? She responded: Yes, I know that. Then I asked her: Do you know what a Furry is? She nodded. I told her that I draw that (I didn't tell her thogh that I am a Furry, though)
    I then discovered she likes to draw animals, and other anime characters.
    Ain't that cool? I thought I was "alone" im my school, but know I know I have a support group ^^.
    So, should I tell her that I'm a furry? Or wait? Or let it stay how it is? I really don't want to risk it, but she seems like a good understanding person. =)

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    herro ^_^

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    Awesome!!! Just wait till you know her a bit better before you tell her. Just to be sure.

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    If she's that cool with the sites there's a very good chance she's cool with the furs.
    I mean, after all, about 99% (maybe a small exaggeration) of the visitors to FA are going to be furs, or at least furfans. The fact that you asked her whether she knows what a furry is probably already gave her a pretty good idea that you are one. It's not the sort of question that can really be asked without the ulterior motive of being one .

    My advice is, whether you tell her now or not, become friends. She sounds pretty cool and a good friend is always a nice thing to have.
    Then, if you didn't tell her already and you feel comfortable with it, just throw it into the mix when the subject comes up again and you'll more than likely be fine... may even find out that she's a fellow fur.
    All the best with it whatever you decide to do and keep us updated, won'tcha?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BernardFx View Post
    So, should I tell her that I'm a furry?
    I don't see why not. As you say, she seems understanding and is already familiar with the fandom (in what I can only assume is a good way, and not a *chan way), plus being a fur isn't really something to hide particularly, in my experience. I routinely walk around with my collar on, and often with an ear'd hoodie (moreso in the winter, obviously), with no one really caring

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    If she knows about FurAffinity, and you mentioned it before she did, pretty good odds are that she already knows you're a furry, unless she's a tad slow on the uptake of those sort of things. It's sort of like Quentin Tarantino movies and all his foot shots...
    Though, take it easy about telling her outright! Some people are squicked out when others want to discuss it in detail.

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    Being a furry actually isn't all that uncommon or unaccepted. Not only are you not the only one, there's probably a healthy amount more. Real life people aren't as mean as the people on the internet that despise furries. So ya, feel free to tell her because it's not as big of a deal as you'd imagine.

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    Hey, I would be happy if I could find other local furs.
    This is an oppertunity that I would jump on.

    Go on and tell her, but if you are going to, and unsure if she is a fur herself, look up some of the videos that people like Kage have made. They tell you about introducing people to the fandom, and what you should and shouldn't say.

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    I would say consider telling her, but not yet. You say she's a classmate you don't talk to much, so I wouldn't bring it up yet. Get to know her first, strike up conversation when you can, maybe suggest you share some of your drawings with each other and sea how she relates to the furry pics. Also, get to know what she's like outside of her drawing interests etc. If she already knows about furrys then that's great, but that doesn't mean there isn't a risk she'll find it weird or surprising if you say you are one (even if she doesn't hate the idea, it might make things) so I would wait until you get to know her better, and test the water a little more by bringing furrys up a few more times (but not too much) before you tell her.

    I'm an AB, but to be honest if I got talking to a guy in my class who I don't talk to much and the subject of ABs came up, and he told me he was one I'd probably be a little weirded out. Not because I find being an AB weird (obviously) but just because I wouldn't expect someone I didn't know well yet to share that sort of information with me yet. If instead the guy got to know me, and became a friend and then told me about his AB side I would be more likely to take an interest in him and share my own like for being an AB etc.

    So my advice is get to know her, make a friend of her, and then when you're sure you can trust her not to tell anyone else or find it weird tell her.

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