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    Hello Everyone,

    I want to get back to wearing diapers again. Any recommendations on what brand I should get? My waist size is between 34 and 36. Any opinions, suggestions would be appreciated.


    P.S. I'm posting this message again because I posted it in the wrong forum the first time. Sorry about that.

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    Given that my brand experience is starkly limited, (by comparison to some other members) I'm probably not the one to answer your question. But I suspect that before anyone else does, they're going to want a few relevant items of information, e.g.: "Are you restricted to the pharmacy or is online ordering an option?"; "What are your priorities in a diaper (babyish look, easily adjustable tapes, absorbency?) How long do you want to be able to wear without changing?", etc. Hope I don't come across as rude, but giving your size and asking what kind of diaper to get is like telling someone you have a new DVD player and asking what movies you should get. Much depends on your taste.

    This having been said, I've been pretty satisfied with Depends and Goodnites, but I usually don't stay in mine for more than a few hours, so YMMV.

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    Bambinos. Discreet, safe, cost efficeient, and perfect for diaper aficionados who buy diapers for quality. Bambinos are perfect for wetting and messing or both if that's whta you want. Leaks aren't too much of a concern with Bambinos unless you load your seat up with multiple messing sessions (which I have done. Poopy leaks are yucky).

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    I probably be restricted to the pharmacy. my priority would be absorbency. I would only wear it at night when I sleep.


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    Quote Originally Posted by emk View Post
    My waist size is between 34 and 36.
    I'm right about there for size. The only brand I've had major experience with is bambino. They're more expensive than most brands, but their fit is (for most people) excellent, absorbency is awesome, and they specifically cater to AB/DL customers. Overnight I actually prefer to wear the large (which by their numbers is too big for me) but I find the overnight protection and comfort better. Daytime I wear the mediums for more discreetness. I've tried the teddies, but I'd say stick with the biancos (flat white) for starters since not everyone can figure out the teddy's stretchy tapes right off the bat.

    Most people are looking for a specific kind of diaper though so you should probably help us narrow your search -- bambino are plastic with tapes. Or do you prefer pullups, all cloth, clothlike backing, velcro tapes, real cloth with plastic pants, etc?

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    If you're buying at a local store, your options kinda stink. If you can hit a medical supply store, look for Tena or Tranquility. If you can order online, get Dry24/7s or Bambinos ( less absorbent but more babyish).


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    no need to be sorry. i made several mistakes as a newbie. hell im a regular and still make mistakes!

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    I have decided to go with the bambino's biancos. I ordered a sample yesterday. I will let you know what happens when I receive them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by emk View Post
    I will let you know what happens when I receive them.
    We already know what's going to happen when you receive them Enjoy!

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