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Thread: Anybody here keep a blog?

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    Default Anybody here keep a blog?

    Hey guys,

    So I'm new here and was fleshing out my profile by joining some groups, and I was surprised to find that there wasn't one yet for people who keep blogs. I figured there must be a few diapered bloggers here, so I created a group for us.

    Here it is.

    So how about it? I've been looking for some new ones to read since a lot of the ones I used to follow seem to have been abandoned, and a group would be a good place for people to motivate one another to keep writing.
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    Interesting idea, but just out of curiosity, why do you think such a group is necessary? The whole point of blog is to be the board onto which people spew their opinions. If they seem to be abandoned, who's to say the person got disinterested or decided to stop for personal reasons? People "encouraging" others to blog is great on paper, but it seems to me that some people would interpret that as a bunch of people hounding others for a new post, when's there's nothing to say.....and then we create a twitter....

    -and before anyone comes and misjudges my post, know I'm just questioning the reasoning here. I am in no way standing in this audience shouting "NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

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    Hm, I guess what I meant wasn't so much that people should sit around telling each other "POST NAO PLZ" but that it would be nice to have a group of people reading and commenting on each other's blogs.

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    I tried to keep a blog, but the things I wanted to blog about quickly went (in a good way!). Maybe I'll try again if this group does well.

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