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    The following is a hindsight review of medium Tranquility ATN (all-through-night) diapers, and as it is in hindsight, there are no pictures (sorry).

    Appearance: The diapers are modestly thick, but not as much as the abena. They are plain white on the outside with two lines of wetness indicators and what looks like some serial numbering in between. It has two re-fastenable tapes on each side, the first ones are blue and the ones on top of those are white and blue checkered. (but more on that later) It should also be noted that on the inside there is a peach absorbent core.

    Absorption: The diaper really comes into its own here, I wore one and had a flood and the diaper sucked it up in a moderate amount of time. However, I highly recommend not sitting down for a few seconds after is feels that its been absorbed as the press can lead to a little coming back out. Overall, it held a flood about 3 wettings after that before it leaked.

    Fit: Ok, this might be more of the fault of the wearer than the diaper but I don't think that the package is telling the truth. I measured and found out I was 42 inch waist (where I was the thickest) and the diaper was said to cover 44 inch waist. So when I saw that I thought I was fine, but when I tried to put it on it ended up being barely connected and somewhat snug (which might have been a good thing). That can be properly fixed with buying larges of course. The diaper also sags a bit after wearing it for awhile.

    Tapes Not the best, but they did their job. They say they are re-fastenable, but only once. After that, the checkered ones (the ones on top) stick to last. No problem with the tapes coming off, but it means two things: 1) you should probably save the re-fastening for after the initial sag, and 2) If you realized you made a mistake after sticking the checkered ones, you're screwed.

    Overall:I got these diapers off Amazon for about $1.00 a diaper. I think I got my money's worth out of them. While not the kind of quality we get from abena and bambino, they aren't as expensive. If you are looking for a step up from depends and generic brands, you might want to give these a try.

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    Thank you for this review. I was looking at trying to find somewhere to order some (I have heard nothing but good things from most people). This provided a great insight into these diapers

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    *Hee,* just tried one myself from an order of samples, similar experience here with Medium size. Pup's baseline has actually been Depend lately (fitted and pull-up), and those seem to be 'cut' differently than everything else on the planet, so will say that: Where a Depend "S/M" brief tapes over the front of his leg, say 1-3" from the padding, these taped toward the side of the leg and barely met.

    Pup is 210lb and somewhere around 40" - 42" in pants-sizing. (Needs to work on that pup-gut, erf.)

    The Depends, for all their faults, have that really neat liner that makes everything disappear until you leak. Trying ATNs after a week in those, pup found the ATNs to have a really squishy gel, and really share much more that wet-diaper feeling back at you (while also making it very visible, almost cartoon-style, through the thin translucent plastic in front). ^^ This could be fun/cute or uncomfortable depending on what you're after.

    Odor control is also a little less, at least once they fill up. But that's another Depends strong point, they've got something like powdered Febreze in there, so the contrast stuck out more to pup's nose than it would between these and like, store-brand.

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    i used these for years. my main reason i dont get them much anymore is because of shipping and my parents have been working at home recently, so i have no time. one thing to watch out for, is the waistband, there isn't one. if lying down in bed, on your stomach, they tend to leak pretty easily, and for some reason i always woke up with a leak. i dont know if it was just bad diapering (didn't have it perfected back then), being too full before lying down for sleep, or just bad diapers, but now that i have perfected diapers on me, ill give them another try. they are fun diapers tho, and it was probably all user error. i wish they looked like the picture tho, those look so thick and nice, but irl it's just, less, thick looking (but they are thirsty!)

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    I ordered a case of these a few years ago they fit me good but, yes they seemed slightly smaller than a medium depends persay.
    Overall i really liked them. Not as absorbant as a molicare, but more than a tena brief. When used, they smelled fresher longer which was a plus.

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    I use these all the time, and like them because of there slim fit compared to molicare or abena. The only negative I have about them (and this is a big negative to me), is that they are VERY noisy! There is no hidding the fact that your wearing a diaper with the crinkle these make, so I only were these around the house

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    These are my current favorites. I've tried Molicare as well, and really like them too. They are just more expensive than the Tranquility ATNs. My only complaints are in regards to the tapes which will come undone at times, and they appear to run a little smaller than other brands. I wear a medium and have a waist measurement of 36". The medium feels almost too small, and the large is way too big. They still work real well and fit good enough to keep the mess inside. Plus they are real comfortable. I don't care about the noise they make (they crinkle a bit) since I wear them to bed and around the house. I rarely go out in public wearing a diaper since I don't want to get caught, but when I get brave enough to walk outside in one; I prefer to wear Attends underwear because they are quiet and not too bulky.

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    I really like these diapers! They are quite noisy, and that could present a problem if you are uncomfortable with your special needs, be they medical or emotional, but personally I am OK with others noticing them. I haven't had anyone say anything yet, and I find that Depends diapers aren't much quieter, and I used to wear them a lot. Besides, I like the crinkling sound because it makes me feel babyish.

    The tapes are usually reliable, and I've only had one come undone out of the 20 I've used so far; so it only happens to me about 5% of the time.

    These diapers have a capacity that is on par with an Abena X-Plus - (a standard for capacity), but not quite. They also do not absorb fluid as quickly as the X-Plus which means flooding them with a full bladder may cause a leak, but the leaks are minor, near the seat. After about a minute they absorb well and, aside from the normal clammy feeling you will get from almost any disposable, your skin will be more comfortably dry.

    I don't wear diapers to bed, so I can't comment on that kind of performance.

    They look rather plain with two thin yellow wetness indicator strips and a blue sizing indicator in between them that does not stand out against the white plastic backing. Personally, I like the look of these diapers better than Abena because they more closely resemble a baby diaper. Abena have bold blue lines printed on them making them look like a hospital diaper. I know some people like that look, but I prefer the ATNs.

    ATNs are less bulky than Abenas also. I like that too. I feel the Abenas are too thick making them uncomfortable.

    Also, and very important: the ATNs don't have the dreadful clumping problem Abenas have. After I wear an Abena for awhile and I am active, the diaper forms a huge ball of filler right under my prostate when I sit down - VERY uncomfortable, and then a diaper change is necessary whether it is wet or not. An ATN does not do this. It is a big advantage ATNs have over Abena.

    Well, thats my review. I had fun writing it and I hope it is useful to others who are looking for a good diaper at a reasonable price. By the way, ATNs are less expensive than Abena or Bambinos and some other premiums. I like that too.

    Thanks... Bye Bye!

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