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Thread: Guess it's about time i introduce myself too.

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    Red face Guess it's about time i introduce myself too.

    Hi there, im, Glen and i'm new here!

    I'm from Norway, but because of being completely paranoid of my friends/relatives/the govt/Space cows finding out about my secret little love for diapers, i won't give away my town of residence , it's not exactly something you want to be caught with among friends, now is it?
    I can only imagine that "fun" at college...

    So i guess i'll just get started with my story, i don't really know how this all started;
    But at some point in my childhood i got an attraction to diapers, and the usual toddler stuff,at first i thought i was weird. As in, 'why am i attracted to something as lame as diapers', i thought...
    I even tried making my own diaper once, at 14 but that didn't go well at all Let's just say it didn't exactly hold much...

    Fast forwarding i'm now 19, i still haven't tried adult diapers yet, but i guess you could say that's a little bit of a fantasy i want to live out when i move from home, same with finding a girlfriend with the same interests too i guess.
    But that, too me sounds a bit far out there and unrealistic...

    Anyhoot, enough about dee-pees..

    I got other interests too, such as:

    Photograhpy, and urban photography (architecture,
    street-scenes, landscapes, the usual) [And no pervy stuff there, keep yer mind out of yer gutter miss/mister! ]

    Photoshopping, and last 3d Artwork, i am not all too experienced, but i do make some models for a game.

    And of course hiking, always fun to walk in nature, guess that's what's part of being Norwegian, right?

    So that's me, and my introduction, nice to hear from you guys in advance!

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    Hi Glen
    Nice to read your post, I'm new here too and just about to make my own first post...
    I used to be dead paranoid about people "finding out" and have never talked to anyone about this so it's great to find an online community that is friendly and welcoming. I hope you find acceptance here and have lots of fun too : )

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    Welcome to our community matey, glad to have you here among like-minded friends.
    I'd say you're probably in with about 98% of people who've tried making their own diapers, often with similar results. As it happens, though, the wiki has some useful articles on makeshift/home-made diapers so you may want to check that out if you haven't already... they may not be up to the capacity of 'proper' ones but it's better than being poked with a pointy stick . Uh, not that anyone here is likely to poke you with a pointy stick, of course .

    I'd just like to say, don't give up on the chances of finding a girlfriend with finding the same interests. It isn't as far-fetched or rare as you'd think.

    I like to get in a bit of photography myself whenever I can (though time to do so has been sadly lacking lately). I, personally, try for 'the unseen world' in photographs, whether that's showing the side of society that people don't want to admit to or close-ups of things they don't even spend a second thought on.
    Never know, if you get comfortable enough here I may even get to see some of your landscapes on the gallery... of course, that's only if you feel like it.

    Anyway, I'll let others get a word in edgewise now and leave it by saying that I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
    All the best.

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    Heh, thanks for the friendly advice and welcome, but i think i will wait with with making 'proper' homemade diapers, let alone buying them, before i move out, and live on my own:P I really don't want to push my luck when it comes to being caught in the act XD

    Here's the weird idea i had though:

    I used an old hooded sweater of sorts, we had some of those laying around, double it with another, and then on the inner sweater, use some duct tape to tape either absorbent stuff, or plastic bags/unused food wastebags, giving a bit of a plasticky feel. Then some sort of boxer, to hold it all together, for so to put another boxer on, till i got 3 of the damned things on, silly i know! XD

    As for hobby photos, i don't mind showing them, none of them are really that personal anyway:
    Taken in various locations in west Norway, some of them, are well let's be honest, not that great, but i'm still learning the whole photography hobby thing.
    Here's some:

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    Now those are absolutely beautiful! I wish my attempts at landscapes and scenery shots could turn out like that... I usually only get about one in a few hundred that I can bare to even look at myself. I guess it helps that you have such wonderful material to work with. Unless I'm willing to really travel I have two choices of landscape; poorly developed cityscape or bland fields marred by poorly developed cityscape.

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    Glad to see another fellow Norwegian. Really nice pictures. my favorites were nr 2 and 3. Hope we will see more of them!

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    This intro is absolutely a breath of fresh air, man. Welcome to the site. Nice photos too!

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    Welcome to the forums of ADISC. Also you have some great photos there, my favorite one is the first photo.

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    Hey Glen!
    I talked to you briefly in the IRC chat - was in Norway last september. Beautiful country...

    I also dabble in photography Loved your photos.

    So, you're about the right age to be heading to college - is that something you're thinking of doing?

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    I'm not totally surprised, Glen, as I grew up with a Norwegian family for best friends and spent... a lot of time with them, but I wanted to say that your English is phenomenal.

    Welcome to the forums, however belatedly. I'm sure fit in just fine, so to speak.

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