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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    Just saying hi to everyone. My name's Bryce I'm 19 and a diaper lover who wishes to try incontinence some day.

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    Hey hey!

    A local... what do ya know...

    Welcome to the boards.

    There are a few of us around that are doing the whole diapers 24/7 thing... and plenty more folks who will give you good advice.

    So make yourself at home... and read up... lotsa good stuff on the boards here.

    C'ya around!

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    WOW, someone from NC. I thought I was the only one lol. I'm like 3 hours from you in Raleigh.

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    You're not the only one on here that is in that area. But I'll let the others introduce themselves.

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    Hi Bryce, welcome to adisc. I'm a fellow east coaster. Nice to meet you.

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    OOO. You heard of Diaper Super Store daria? It's located in richmond.

    I can't edit messages. They do give free samples out if you go to their warehouse to XD. I got some when I drove up there on my mini vacation lol.
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    Sup Bryce. I am a fellow east coaster too. But not near NC. Personally, I say don't try incontinunce. From what ive heard from people (some of em) who had the same idea, it completly sucks.

    Anyways, Have fun on the forums!

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    Welcome to ADISC, Bryce. I too am on the East Coast. Greetings from New Jersey.

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    Welcome to the community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post when ever you would like and to ask any qeustions, advice, or support you might need.

    Also I doubt you would enjoy incontinence.

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    Welcome to adisc. Hope you have a good time. Makes sure to check out the wiki ,and blogs; both have links in the top left corner.

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