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    Default Articles - With Rep Bounty

    As you know, our Articles system is new, but growing.

    I want to increase the number of quality articles that we have.

    So, until the end of August:

    1. If you nominate a really good post for article status, and it indeed is accepted as an article as a result of your nomination, you get an automatic +1. There's no limit on the age of posts you can nominate - so you can search for, find, and nominate, posts of any age.
    2. If you write an article for ADISC, and it is accepted, you get an automatic +1 to +3, depending on the quality of the article.

    The articles you write/nominate don't have to be about ABDL topics.
    They could be about other things that our members may be interested in reading.


    1. Nominations/submissions on or after September 1st are not eligible for reward.
    2. Each person may only earn a maximum of +2 rep for nominating articles between now and Sept 1.
    3. Each person may only earn a maximum of +4 rep for submitting articles between now and Sept 1.

    To nominate a post that already exists, report the post (using the report post button, ), with the comment 'article nomination'.
    This will create a thread in the requests forum that you may use to track the status of your nomination.

    To submit an article that you've written yourself, which is not currently posted on ADISC, post it as a new thread in the requests forum.
    The title of the thread should be 'article submission'.

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    Although the bounty period is now over, I plan to bring it back later in a modified form.
    I'll make a new announcement later on with the revised details.

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