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    Soooo...... I'm Julian. Hence the title. HAI!!! I'm a 20 year old engineer type kid who generally likes knowing how stuff works. Even if it's wrong, I always seem to need some sort of explanation of how something works or I become a tad perturbed. I'm good at math and not so much with English. I don't know how, but I seem to manage to fail my own language. (which is why I used the word perturbed. made me feel special momentarily) I'm pretty good at psychology... Or I should say, pretty good at learning how people work. Just fail when it comes to figuring myself out. I know I like guys. That's about it.

    I'm pretty new to diapers. But I don't think I'm into the adult baby stuff, just diapers. Started liking them, oh, say 3 months ago. I bought my first diapers tonight and got so excited I had to tell someone. Which I guess will end up being whoever reads this. ^_^ Wearing them right now. They're the Huggies pull-ups. I was reading some forums and someone posted pics of them, loved them, and set they fit well. And, well. Couldn't resist. Had to try them for myself. I'm currently in full agreement of that person's review.

    About three years ago, I was hanging out with a friend of mine. Lets call him Josh for anonymity sake. And he was drawing these amazing drawings of panthers, ferrets, squirrels, foxes, and other creatures. But then Josh would put his drawings up to a blank sheet of paper, one by one, and draw out half human, half animal. And well. I wanted to cuddle with them. Want. Actually. Well not to long after that I heard these were called furries. I don't know if I'm a "furry" or if I just like the idea of snuggling with something that's soft, warm, and has a heartbeat. But I do find them cute.

    Sad part next. Skip if your mood is easily swayed... you know who you are!

    Psychologically, I'm pretty messed up. Or at least, I think I am. Biggest thing that's happened which I'll never get over is that my brother died last year. So I'm still rather depressed and lonely. Generally, I'm pretty happy go lucky. My friends would say, "perky" or "ADHD with a side of adrenaline". But I got a bit manic-depressive since the accident. Had some issues as a child. I think I screwed up my childhood in someway and I desperately want to fix it. Probably plenty of explanation for both the fetishes I have and the career path of Genetics I think I'm going to take. Also probably the reason I tend to like people about two to three years younger than me. Also have never liked anyone taller than me in my life. Probably more to do with intimidation though.

    I have a lot of hobbies, though I don't get to participate in them as often as I'd like. Particularly driving my motorcycle around. I have a 2009 Ninja 650R and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT. But in general I just like fixing things. Probably why I like computers so much. I'm also newfag on /b/. If you don't know what that is. Don't look it up. It's horrible and addicting. Please avoid it at all costs. But it is a recent hobby of mine, so I thought I'd mention it.

    [removed contant - do not ask to meet people personally on ADISC!]
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    Hey, welcome to adisc, I'm sure you'll like it here Good to see new DLs on the site. I hope we can become friends :P

    P.S. Sorry about your brother

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