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    Does anyone know how big the sample packs usually are? I am planning on ordering one from either Dry 24/7 or Bambino and telling my mom that I am ordering a T shirt. Would this lie work? I saw some pics of the bambino shipping box but it seemed as they only would ship the regular amount of diapers in it because of its size.

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    A bambino sample pack has two diapers in it. If I recall correctly it comes packaged in a padded envelope. Don't quote me on that though.
    I think that could work, although your mom might want to see the t-shirt later.

    Also, head over to the Introductions and post an intro. We like to meet new people.

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    I was planning on getting a T shirt while I was staying at my dad's so my mom won't see it and I would just hide it till the sample came in.

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