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Thread: I think I have been defeated

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    Default I think I have been defeated

    I have fought valiantly over the past two years...eluding my parents in the great war of liking diapers. How ever, I think I have been found out, despite my stealthiness and cleaver cover ups. I firmly believe that my defeat is drawing nearer.

    All epic story telling aside... I have noticed that in my hiding spot in my room where i was storing some wet diapers for transport to the garbage when i got back from work today. I remember them being in their plastic bags and thinkiing "I will do this when i get home". So I get home, go to my hiding spot, and what is there? wet diapers.

    So, I think my mom knows about me using diapers. She is open and accepting and cool about just about everything, I am a bit worried though.

    If I am confronted, what should I say to her/ expect to hear from her?

    I am looking for what people who have been caught said to their rents and what they asked from you.


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    don't confront her, she might not bring it up. and besides even if she is accepting she might still flip out like my mom did.

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    Im in the same boat as you mate, over the years my mum has thrown out nappies/diapers, a pacifier, childish pjs and other infantalia i was stupid enough to leave lying around my room, shes even been caught wearing once, she complains about smells and the like, yet she has never asked me why i wear, or to stop wearing, just not to let her catch me again.

    Any questions she asks give an honest but reasonable and polite answer, dont go into to much detail as that may defeat youre cause, focus on emotional reasons for what you do, DON'T go into the enjoyment side of diaperwearing / infantalism, she might get the wrong idea, if she starts getting the wrong idea, or worse, flips its better to go back to the mater at a later date, don't argue with her whatever you do!

    If she continues to take your stuff, tell her about it, you're better letting ur mum know why you're doing what you do rather than her getting her own ideas.

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    Ya I think she defiantly knows, used diapers missing and just now she walked into my room. I was drinking a bottle of water and she said to me "You shouldn't drink so much water before bed". I am assuming that she throwing out wet diapers, means she thinks I am wetting the bed. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as that, since one of my used diapers was a bambino classico.

    More advice would be nice.

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    That sort of thing is why I try to always dispose of items the day of use. Avoiding the conflict is the best option IMO.

    If she confronts you tell her the truth, it is likely that if she didn't flip out the next time she saw you that she did a bit of research.

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    Hopefully she found When Kids Love Diapers. If worse comes to worse, you could show her that site. It's mentioned in the thread, "Help". My answer for all of this is there as well. Personally I wouldn't say anything unless she brings it up. If she does I would steer her to that site. All you can do is be honest with her and with yourself. Try to know why you wear, the comfort and sense of security. She probably thinks you're just wetting the bed, so it might be easiest to just let it go at that. And like another poster so wisely said, get rid of your used diaper the next day. Since she knows it shouldn't be that difficult. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous kiba View Post
    don't confront her, she might not bring it up. and besides even if she is accepting she might still flip out like my mom did.
    I agree, leave it alone, all you can do is wait for her to bring it up, maybe she won't. I'd go cold turkey on the diaper usage for awhile if you can manage it. Good Luck.


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    Only thing I've given a clue to is my mother because she's pretty open minded and works in the medical field, but all I told her was about how I think they're comfortable, kinda blew it though because after she asked me "Do YOU wear diapers?" I responded with a no. Had to abort because my adrenaline was really going and breathing at full speed.

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    It might be good to say something to her about it. If she found wet diapers, she already knows you wear them. It would probably be better if you gave her a reasonable explanation rather than letting her worry and come up with something crazy.

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