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    Hello there, my name is Chad I just joined here at ADISC. I am currently 18 and I have been in diapers for roughly 3 years. I am a DL/Babyfur and would like to just make some friends here and meet some nice people.

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    Hey, welcome. Glad to see new faces.

    Your name seems familar......
    (Now I feel smart, your one of the freinds of riolu on FTT. Im reading one of his stories right now, and scrolled by your name twice before I made the connection)

    annyway, glad to see your here to make freinds and meet nice people. thats generaly what adisc is geared twoards as a "support" community.

    Its always good to share a few of your non-abdl hobbies with everyone, Helps you find people you share interest/get along with

    Ill assume your into pokemon, Care to tell adisc anything else about yourself?

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    Yeah I do like pokemon and alot of the other "child" like shows such as Digimon, and I mostly watch just cartoons. but some other interests are Dragons nice Fantasy fiction novels and ofcourse videogames.

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