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    check it out the official web site for snugs SNUGS ADULT DIAPERS do any of you know if they have a tape zone

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    Wouldn't buy from them.

    Read the bottom of the website...

    AND I QUOTE "Snugs adult diapers, bambino diapers, fitted briefs, toronto, diaper fetish, poopy diaper, girl in diapers, girls wearing diapers, order adult diapers, diaper poop Snugs Baby Scented Diapers bring back that LUVS diapers feeling. Soft crinkly plastic and snug fit ensure no leaks and very happy feelings.
    Order SNUGS from here find out more about snugs. What are snugs? Shipping for Snugs. Toronto SNUGS adult dipaers. Buy SNUGS Diapers here! SNugs discreet shipping. Like BAMBINO diapers but much cheaper. Cheap SNUGS. Has anyone ordered SNUGS from SNUGS ADULT DIAPERS €*Because life is hard enough. Great web site. Awesome product. Pampers, Luvs, Moltex, Peaudouce, Adult Baby, Teen Baby, Girls wearing diapers. All the girls wearing diapers. Here online at"

    Seems a bit odd that they would have keywords on the bottom of the site. I smell a scam. Kind of looks like the site was very hastily thrown together, kind of like those sites advertising rogue antivirus software.

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    All that really means is the person who made the site has no idea how SEO actually works. This is a vast majority of people developing websites.

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    I tried them.....very poor quality. There like the old blue thin diapers I forget who sold them. I'm using them as doublers now that's all there good for.

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    The synthetic voice with the video and the stuff on the bottom made me lol hard.

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    I would NEVER order those based on the website, the video and the diapers just being repackaged generic hospital/elderly care center diapers. I already have 3 great sources anyways Abena's from xp medical, dry 24/7 and Bambino's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    The synthetic voice with the video and the stuff on the bottom made me lol hard.
    Agreed. I liked how the robot lady said DI-AH-PER-Z. xD

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    The video made me laugh, I've been pronouncing "diapers" wrong for years I guess...

    No OP I would not order from them, these appear to be repackaged Assurance value briefs. Super cheap diapers.

    Assure Brand Briefs @

    Go for bambino, worth your money all the way.

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