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Thread: Good Wireless Router?

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    Default Good Wireless Router?

    Hey all you nerds out there. my parents/family need to get a new wireless router.

    I know it. They know it. But they want a really good one this time (current one is a netgear something or another) since our first two were horrible. But at the same time, they don;t want anything outrageously expensive/

    So I'm looking for a link or deals on a good router that isn't too expensive.

    Ready? Go!

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    A funky Netgear with N wireless technology one and stuff...

    Note: I know nothing about routers unless I have to. But I do know how to use them.

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    N is the the new technology, and while it's faster than G, it's significantly more expensive. Also, if most of your traffic will be over your internet link, that will almost certainly be the bottleneck anyway, and so you'll be able to get your full bandwidth with G (probably even with B, but you won't find many B-only routers these days). Not to mention that I don't believe 802.11n is actually standardized yet, so any N devices you buy now aren't guaranteed to conform (i.e. work with other N devices) in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    I've heard rumors that those routers aren't as good as they used to be. Haven't actually used one myself though.

    I need a new router because mine sucks. It sometimes screws up a few times a day and limits some of the settings I can change (can't set MTU past 1454). It was cheap though, so I shouldn't have expected any better. But anyway, I want to get a new one sometime relatively soon. What's better.... the pre-N routers or some G router with MIMO? Or something else?

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    I have a lynksys myself. From what a very smart computer guy friend of mine told me, the lynksys series are definitely one of the best.

    One of the best or not still, the router always gets some sort of error eventually however, thats the hassle of havin' a wireless router.

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    I would prefer a linksys WRT54G or WRT54g with booster, i have owned one for two yrs and it has not failed me yet.

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    I'd recommend Netgear for anything. I would NOT recommend Cisco/Linksys. Why? There was the counterfeiting scandal, and you need a university degree to set the damn things up.

    Why Netgear? I have a DG834G and it's brilliant, I also have a GS105 Gigabit switch and it's equally brilliant, as is their tech support and product quality.

    If you were more specific about what "good" means, I could recommend a model number.
    HOWEVER! If your parents want top shelf, it will be best if they wait, as all "N wireless" routers are faux 802.11n, it's usually just Super G with Range Extension technology.

    IEEE 802.11n is still in development, but it should be finished later this year.

    If it absolutely urgent and they somehow can't wait for a few months until the 802.11n standard is finished, this should be more than sufficient.

    I have had a fantastic experience with Netgear, so your parents can be assured that this router will be nothing but quality. This router is so easy to set up a toddler could do it, so you won't need any degrees from Cisco, it has plenty in the way of security, the wireless range is excellent, but I've found a bit of a dead spot directly behind the router.
    The sync speeds are very important, luckily this router doesn't fault that. Also, if you really want to know more, it runs on BusyBox Linux.

    As for what you can actually throw at this router - does a school block full of students sound good?

    Hope this helps.

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    Really all we need is something that can provide a strong signal at a long range. My bedroom is geographically as far away from the router as I can get while remaining in the house and I have almost constant connection problems, and it has a fun habit of cutting out for anywhere up to an hour once every few days.

    So a model number suggestion would be nice, again, I'm not sure what ours is.

    There's usually only 2 computers running off of the router, my parents' computer is connected to the modem directly (I think) and my bro uses the wireless but he's right next to the computer room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren View Post
    I have a lynksys myself. From what a very smart computer guy friend of mine told me, the lynksys series are definitely one of the best.
    That's what I heard. I heard the older models are excellent, but the new ones... not so much. Maybe I just heard from some people that had unlucky experiences though.

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