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Thread: Where can I find ABDL social events?

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    Cool Where can I find ABDL social events?

    I know that there are a few ABDL munches, and parties around but I have no idea what sites I should look for them on.

    Fetlife perhaps? I'm unsure. Can anyone tell me how (if they have, anyway) found a good ABDL social event? If so thank you so much! If not, oh well. No worries.

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    Fetlife has a good array of abdl and other kink related groups(a lot of them have postings for groups....some are area specific others are not).....but there are other sites...just hard to tell you which ones are the can check out: diapermates diaperbook rupadded diaper-bois(gay site) and diaper-boys....there are also forum specific sites like daily diapers which may have what you are looking for......if not no harm in looking for local people and starting your own.....if I did point you towards a favorite it would be fetlife...its my personal favorite....

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    DailyDiapers has meet up boards for every state. I have recently started my own meet up group because there was not one near me.

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    Man Fetlife SUCKS server-wise. CONSTANT 500 errors. Sometimes takes like 15 clicks to navigate to the page.

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    Dunno where you are, but ABKingdom is the european ABDL website.

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    But is fetlife a good site overall? I hate registering with endless sites but I really think I should try some meetup ones (normal and/or abdl ones) because I have had no opportunities to find people to date the past year at college. I mean sure I made some friends but it wasn't just like I didn't have the right luck with dating, I feel like I didn't have enough of a good chance to begin with.

    So I had heard fetlife was a good place to meet other ab/dl without running into a lot of fakes or blank profiles.

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    I have met up with a good variety of people via dailydiapers (In Vancouver, BC and in London UK). Very active forum for meet-ups/'munches'

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    Its probably just me but I've always been weary of meeting others. I did kind of meet someone by mistake over Facebook but that in and of itself makes no sense to me. I am comfortable with this as far as it goes for myself but joining an ABDL Facebook group under my real name? No chance in hell.

    I have a strange premonition you show up for a party are knocked in the head robbed and what to walk home naked.

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    Does anyone have suggestions for good sites to meet local people for dating or friendship. Doesn't have to be fetish related, I'm just interested in others' recommendations.

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