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Thread: Looking for Longalls

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    Default Looking for Longalls

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know where on the net I could buy adult-sized longalls please?
    This is the sort of thing I'm looking for;


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    I don't know how much you're looking to spend, but I saw this website recommended by a member on another forum some time ago: O&P

    It is a little hard to navigate as it is in japanese (I use google chrome which translates the page into English for me) but a pair of very babyish longalls can be found at the bottom of the page under the 3rd option down in the menu - they have some lovely fabrics. I think they have one of the nicest ranges of AB clothes if you overlook the price, but I'm not sure easy it would be to order from them, but the member on the other forum was from the USA and had ordered from them. This was some time ago so I'm afraid I can't remember the forum or link, sorry.

    Privatina sells several pairs of long-legged dungarees ( privatina - individual one piece fashion: adult baby Latzhose *cord comfort*... privatina - individual one piece fashion: adult baby Latzhose cord... ) but they are a little different from your picture. Forever-a-kid does a pair of long-legged overalls as well ( ) but again they aren't really like the style you are after in your picture.

    You might be able to get a pair custom made - I know the website Cosy n Dry :: Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More states it will try to help if you are having trouble sourcing a particular type of clothing, whilst forever-a-kid (Forever A Kid Custom Clothing) states that if you send a picture of a baby item they will do their best to replicate it for you. I will let you know if I see anything similar anywhere else

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    Default cute!

    Those are really nice. No wonder you want some for yourself. Marcie at is still the best. If you send her a picture and your measurements, she will come through. And for custom sewing it's not at all expensive.

    If you're adventuresome, I've had good luck (and some bad luck too) dealing with locale sewers. You need to be a bit ballsy just to ask, and it always helps to have the fabric picked out and to be very specific.

    Good luck. Now I want a pair too!

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    Thanks forvthe pointers guys

    I've actually got a pair of these from Privatina, but as you say Jess they're not quite the same. I haven't tried Forever A Kid before, but come to think of it I've heard good things about them in the past. I think I'll drop them a line at some point!

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