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    Hey everyone,

    My names Bill and im kinda in the air as to what I am...
    im from PA

    i haven't gotten the courage yet to go and buy myself some diapers to try them out but im extremely curious

    i bet once i tape that first diaper in place ill be hooked

    for now im more of a curious bystander but as soon as i muster up the courage to go and buy some diapers ill definitely be sharing my personal experiences and looking for advice

    thanks for the great site

    i forgot to add in my interests:

    cars are a huge part of my life there one of the main things that run through my head each and every day
    other than cars i like being outside, hiking fishing and camping

    winter is terrible...every winter i cant stop thinking/ counting down the days till spring/summer
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    Hello and welcome.

    Don't worry about not having the courage of the first diaper run, I was the same way myself when I first came aboard. I also see you have a thing for cars, cool, I have to admit I do to. Are you into classic muscle cars or hot imports that can be tricked out seven ways from Sunday?

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    Hi Bill! I'm new too. I finally got up the courage to order my first package of diapers a few months ago. Once I had them I just kept them in hiding for about another month and then finally I gave in and wore one but didn't use it. I took it really slow I guess but the anticipation was really fun. I feel the same way about winter. Even if it's warm inside I look outside and shiver. I love fireplaces and jucuzzii's in the wintertime!

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