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    I am a 53 year old, professional, European man [removed]
    Since my early teens I have had a keen interest in diapers and plastic panties. For many years I thought it quite strange but was never in anyway repulsed by my own feelings. I have worn myself, both disposables and cloth, but my feelings and interests are centered on a (for the moment) faceless and nameless babygirl. The need for help and protection appeals strongly to me, and I would love to be the guiding, loving and disciplining Daddy in a devoted relationship based on mutual love and compatibility.
    I am not inexperienced in taking care of an AB girl, I am single and monogamous, loyal and faithful. Un fortunately I cannot relocate for a number of years to come.
    Good friends with whom you can be very open and share thoughts and ideas are valuble in life. There is much more to write, but let this suffice for the introduction.

    Admin note: Please note that ADISC is not a dating site. It's something we don't want here, and it's something that can easily land you in jail because this site is open to minors. So please do not post any requests concerning the search for other people on ADISC again!

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    Hi there. Welcome to the sight! I hope you enjoy it here :P

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