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    If I plan on going to an employee party on labor day, and drink 2 beers, will I become intoxicated? I know beer has a low alcohol content but these would be my first beers - what can I expect?

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    You might get tipsy but not rip roaring drunk. I can drink 3-4 and get just tipsy.

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    you look like a big dude...i think you will be okay...but then again im a lighter guy and shorter and i can drink most people under the table....i can thank my irish heritage and my ireland born dad for that....never met him but he gave me something lol

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    You will not get drunk from 2 beers, you'll barely even be tipsy. If you are a big guy then you probably won't experience anything even if they are your first. I'm tiny and need like 4 to feel anything.

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    Two beers will give you a good buzz your first time out. Not "saying stupid shit drunk" just "very chill". It will take a lot more than that to get trashed. I can't even get trashed on beer anymore, I can't physically consume the amount of beer required.

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    How strong a beer are we talking?

    It will aslo depend on how quickly you drink them. If you go through both in less than an hour, you might get a little bit properly drunk. If you drink them over a whole evening... you'll at best feel a little tipsy.

    Why do you ask?
    If you want to have a good time, I'd suggest talking more. If you're asking because you don't want to stumble home clearly drunk, then two should be fine, just pace yourself. Note: if you're driving, do not drink anything alcoholic at all, there's absolutley no point and even if you're legally under the limit it still could be dangerous, especially if you've never drank before.

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    Why setting a mark on 2 beers ??
    Just go out enjoy yourself and drink whatever feels comfortable for you !
    If you only going to a party to drink and are concerned about the results of it, instead of socializing and having a good time then just
    go to the store and buy 2 beers and drink them at home.
    That way you will be able to see the results at the privacy of your home and wont make a fool out of yourself
    It seems you dont have experience with alcohol ingestion but trust me, you will feel the effects after you start drinking your 1st beer.
    Cope with the symptoms and let them be your "sign" master, just keep in mind that drinking more will increase the symptoms and bring even new symptoms to the game as nausea and at that point it becomes really evident that you had a little bit too much
    Also people react differently depending on the type of alcohol ingested.
    Avoid at all cost mixing drinks as that can be tricky.
    Keep in mind that drinking is not good for your body and that if you drink too much you will feel terrible the day after.
    But like i say " nothing like a major hangover to remind you to have more fun with friends and drink less alcohol "
    Anyway just relax and go have some fun.

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    First off, I'm seeing people here equate size with alcohol tolerance - It's not the same. I don't drink much, and I'm a big guy (weighing in at 300lbs, 6ft tall) - two beers makes me noticeably tipsy.

    If you're not USED to drinking, then drink them slowly. Eat if you can, and hey - alternate beer and a glass of water. That's usually what I do when I'm drinking, especially if I need to keep myself within the legal blood-alcohol content for driving. I may spend 2 hours at a bar, drink two beers, and have two glasses of water or soda between. The water also pretty much negates any sort of hang over.

    Fair warning though... alcohol makes you pee. Drinking the extra water will make you need to pee more. If you're questionable about holding your bladder, wear something.

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    I should mention that I'm NOT suggesting that you drink and drive. I never recommend that, however the term "drink responsibly" applies here. If you don't know how the alcohol will affect you, then I STRONGLY recommend you have a designated driver or cash for a taxi. When I started drinking alcohol, my mother was the bartender at the bar I frequented. Not only did I never pay for drinks, but I always had a designated ride home if I went too crazy. Now I don't drink to get drunk, but more for the taste of the beer. If the bar has crappy beer? I don't drink.

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