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Thread: Baby Aidan here

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    Default Baby Aidan here

    hi hi all ^^ name is Aidan and im really new to alot of this. While Ive been a furry for a few yrs now, i just recently went from always having an adult fursona to a cub one and im still trying to figure out alot of things about it. Im not one for rp usually, atleast anything beyond simple greetings or sillyness.

    Im a young fox/wolf/coyote hybrid and i have a mate. Really interested in learnign how to draw babyfur art

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on the site. So do you have any hobbies or interests that you partake in? I myself am not a fur but I will always be here to support a fellow fox. Even if its 1/3 of your persona I love them so much (even though I like a panda)

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    lol i love to draw and color. my drawing skills are lacking though when it comes to digital, but thats where my coloring skills grew fast, still not a pro though. I frequent the hiking trails with my dad and our pets (a 2 yr old male pit, a small spaniel mix i rescued, the spaniel mix puppy, and my dads goat) or riding fourwheeler. Also, if you get me near a river, chances ae you wont get me out if its warm enough to swim

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    Hi Aidan! Welcome! I am into drawing too but I suck. I am trying to work on improving but seems like I get worse each time I try. What kind of things do you like to draw?

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    heyas panda, i got my start drawing animal busts traditionally and it graduated into anthros and digital art. Currently trying to learn chibis and cubs.

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    I draw a lot of anime characters and catboys/wolfboys. I am only working on face and hair though because it's sure hard trying to get that anime hair figured out and the eyes are hard too!

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    Crunchyroll - Groups - Drawing Paradise I used this link to help with the hair and eyes and it did a little bit but it takes a lot of practice. (Hope it works I haven't tried to post a link before)

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    Welcome to another NC resident!

    Are you a beach or mountain dweller?

    I am a mountain/hill dweller myself. Shoot if you are daring you and your s/o and I could meet for dinner sometime.

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    to panda - it worked, thankies

    to khaymen - im right at the bottom of the mountains. And it would be hard to get my mate down here to hang out as he's living in another state 8 hrs away till hes done with college

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