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Thread: The UPS Store / Package pickup

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    Default The UPS Store / Package pickup

    So, has anyone here had any experience receiving packages through postal stores like the UPS store? Because right now I live alone and I'm not sure packages will be left at my apartment (and I work during business hours, duh I guess) so I can't really receive packages here.

    I noticed The UPS store claims you can receive packages there (NOT a PO box, which many places won't ship to), but they're pretty skimpy on details. Has anyone here tried it? How much do they charge?

    I called the one UPS store around here and they told me they're independently owned so services may vary, but just trying to get a general idea.

    When I was packing to leave for the summer, I stuck a bunch of diapers (probably about a little under a case worth) into a box and taped it up ready to go. I had one bag that didn't fit, which I planned to stash at my school place over the summer. Well, when packing my car I ran short on space and had to leave the big box and take the one bag instead. That said I'm sort of, uh, critically low , so suggestions welcomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    I'm not sure packages will be left at my apartment (and I work during business hours, duh I guess) so I can't really receive packages here.
    Well the first qeustion we would all need to know first the apartment building's hallway/stairway to the apartment doors accesible by public without a key? or is there a key needed?

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    Former - so likely packages won't be left without anyone being home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Former - so likely packages won't be left without anyone being home.
    Most likely not, as they require a signature to prove that the parcel was delivered. If they just left it on your doorstep, you could report it lost and they'd have to pay the sender of the parcel for the value of the contents.

    UPS here usually comes around twice and tries to deliver it, but if they find that no one is home, they leave a small note listing a phone number to contact them to arrange pick-up. After the second failed attempt at delivery, they'll simply hold it at their depot until you contact them and arrange a way to pick it up or give them an alternative address.


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    I actually have a UPS store box itself. They usually will arrange to have it left there, because they always make a run each day to each UPS store, so they generally don't care. BUT they will send it back if you don't come in a few days - I have no idea what the exact amount is. But ya, I actually have a box, so they just hold it until I get there, which is better for me, because I have no way to pick them up except walking (and they're across town), and my landlord delievers my mail ( diapers...That would be interesting).... The box with them, which is really just a glorified PO box, can have as much stuff as you want. Mine's the smallest size and they always just leave a little plastic slip saying a package has arrived. They know me so well there that they just walk over with the package without me even bringing them the slip usually too! ... But that's both a good and bad thing, since I've been using it to get packs of diapers and other baby parafernalia since I was 13... The one I have, they are really nice to me, but since they only carry the name, and aren't really attached to the actual shipping part of the company, you have to take them as separate, because there can be a lot of problems with the shipping part, and the actual store has nothing to do with that. They cannot (by law) and do not say a word about my packages...Although I've had some interesting looks (a diaper-package's brown paper mail-covering thing was damaged once... lol, and a few other interesting "labels"). So I hope something in my ramblings was helpful to you...

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    The UPS driver will leave your package at the office in your apartment complex. I get all my diapers that way.

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    Yeah UPS just leaves the packages on my front porch no signature is needed unless the shipper requires it and as long as the package is paid for they don't care about it after it's delivered.

    The only time I had to sign for my package it was a phone I ordered, and they required a sig.

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    are you sure the UPS store in question will hold packages for you? usually they only do that at their major tranfer centers. you might want to go in and ask them in person. if you're sure, though, here's how you fill out the address on your order.

    line 1: [your name]
    line 2: [street address of UPS store]
    line 3: HOLD FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP -- [your phone number]
    line 4: [city, state, zip]

    then when it arrives at the UPS store they'll call you and let you know they're holding a package for you. i think they usually hold it for 5 days.

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    Well, I called tonight and they do accept packages and only charge $2/package to receive them.

    The problem with the office idea is that it's not on site (in fact, I'm not even sure where it is haha).

    avery hm, interesting idea.

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    If there isn't an office the UPS driver will typically leave the package on your porch or by your door.

    If you aren't comfortable with that you could definately do the UPS store pickup thing... but I haven't had any problems with packages left by my door (especially diapers). In fact... I'd love to see someone try and steal them... then realise what they've taken.

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