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Thread: so...i found out my mate is a babyfur

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    Default so...i found out my mate is a babyfur

    Hi all, im new to this forum and i need some help. I've known my mate was into diapers for a while now, but recently ive found it goes deeper than just that. He's wanting to bring it irl but not simply the diaper stuff and im not exactly comfortable with that right now. Im not *as* against it as i was before, but im still not warming up to it like he wants. Can someone give me some advice about how to get used to it easier, things that make it easier for others, and what all i might need to expect if we ever get to that? Ive tied talking to him about it and that backfired into him saying he'll completely give it up if im not comfortable with it

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    First off welcome to ADISC since you clearly here for the sake of your mate. I would usually recommend making an intro here to the site but I feel as though that is not as necessary as needed. So can I get more clarification as to what he is trying to do in his *B/DL/Babyfur self? I am not entirely sure what the scenario is but just know that although you may not be particular to it, it isn't entirely your at fault for not liking diapers, rather also that he must also know your stance and your comfort level towards activities involving it. Also, has your mate heard of this site or have you recently found this site in your time?

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    In my experience with related situations, I would say that the key is lots of open communication. gradual exposure and time. There's not really a lot else that can be done. Make it clear that, while you're not currently comfortable with it, you would like to become so for the sake of your mate. For his part, he's unlikely to be able to "give it up" - numerous people from this site have tried and invariably failed - and my personal opinion would be that it would be unfair of you to force him to (though it doesn't sound like you're attempting to do that). The best I can suggest is to be very clear in your communication with him, letting him know everything about how you feel about it, and clarifying anything which he misinterprets.

    And I'd like to thank you for, as far as I can tell, trying to become comfortable with your mate's kinks rather than shunning him and telling him to get rid of them. Not everyone would do that

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    to tk: i actually stumbled upon this site trying to find a tutorial for drawing babyfurs. My mate, to my knowledge, has never seen it.

    and to Badger: youre right about me not wanting to force him to give it up. Im a stickler for relationships being about compromise instead of getting your way and i know what this would mean to him if i could get used to this

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    I myself have to agree with Badger in that you don't have to force that out of him as well as him forcing it onto you. Communication is key in that and I do think that a good talk about it can at least get things straight.

    Also if you are interested you should show this site to your mate since we are a support site here for anything related towards *B/DLism and would be here with open arms to welcome him if he cares to take a visit here.

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    First of all, I'm confused. You have "BF" as a tag, but you're not into diapers yourself?

    Anywho, one thing I'll note: Depending on how "deep" the rabbit hole goes, you may be able to build a very loving, very trustful relationship with your mate. Indeed, regression takes trust in most cases. Just keep in mind that there could be some serious emotion around the whole of it - so you don't want to rush... and if you do hit a nerve, have an open mind, tolerance, and a gentle touch.

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    i have a cubby character and i kinda like the innocent and caring rp and me and my mate rp it back and forth sometimes and switch rolls and i like that, its just bringing it rl that im not as comfortable with. some people say their straight rl and bi online....same basis i guess. Im a cub online (though not always) and offline, im 19 and aside from the art part of it, its just not something thats present

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    That's a really interesting question you've got there. If you were my SO, I'd be really pleased to see you making this effort and giving it serious thought. This is all about doing what you enjoy or feel good about so it's not right to have you doing something that you're not comfortable with. However, if you're just on the fence a bit, maybe it wouldn't hurt to ease into trying something with him in the real world. There are many ways to approach this that don't go into particularly strange territory. If you let him know you're open to trying something but need to take it slow and not so strange, I bet he would be able to come up with something that is appealing to him but easy on you.

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