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Thread: Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

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    Default Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    Are there any juvenile diapers of a specific brand (pampers, pull-ups, etc.) that you would like to see re-created in adult sizes? I know I would like to see the Target Up and Up diapers in my size, because they are colorful, and have a cool polka-dotted pattern on it. What about you?

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    I would be open to huggies, pampers, and pull-ups to do it. But if i had to choose one, it would hav to be Pull-ups, they hav always been my favorite.

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    Abuniverse has diapers very similar to Pampers. I really like them.

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    for my own personal reasons...i can no longer sing the praises of thats for another date and time. i would like to see a good reproduction of the toddler pull specific brand neccesarily just want to see a thick adult pull up that isnt plain white....on another note the international division of tena owned by sca has a cute baby diaper brand that fits 70 pounds and has very stretchy tapes....they have the libero up and go which is the pull up(fits 60 pounds)....libero comfort fit xl is the diaper... size6 not sure if boys or girls and here is a picture of the package from size 6 crude pic of the up and go the site i got all this from is in denmark so you would need to use google translator to understand most of the site....from what i can tell its possibily an abdl site since they sell bambino diapers on the site .....
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    I would like to see a Huggies and/or Pampers diaper for kids, teens, and small adults. About the same size as Goodnites XL, (add a XXL) but with tapes. Mainly because adult small diapers are still too big for them. I know that there are youth size diapers, but they're typically only sold online or at medical supply stores, which can be rather inconvenient and expensive. This would be very beneficial for kids, teens, and small adults with disabilities, bed wetting, etc...
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    easy answer here, goodnites. you can get adult sized diapers that are similar to pampers and huggies... but no good pull ons with leak guards and padding that goes all the way up both sides. the "underwear" that is out now is more like an overblown pad....

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    The ones that were mentioned in the " Limited Edition Pampers Cruisers by Cinthya Rowley " thread would be wonderful to be able to get in adult sizes.

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    girls pullups in an size for teens who are overwheight.

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    For sure Pull Ups, they are too cute! It would be great to have Toy Story Pull ups for teens!

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    I would like to see a Pampers, Luvs or Huggies in adult sizes and maybe Pull ups or Pampers Easy ups in adult sizes.

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