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Thread: Where did you find your caretaker?

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    Red face Where did you find your caretaker?

    I'm just genially curious in how others have discovered their caretakers, past or present. And if already broken up, made them break up in the first place?

    Do not answer the latter question if it is too uncomfortable, because I'm not trying to dive into people's private lives. I'm just curious what could actually break up a normal ABDL related relationship, since it takes more trust to develop that kind than anything else I can think of.

    I'm sorry if this question, all all, offends anyone. I'm just a curious baby,

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    It was the spring of 1991. Although I have had bladder problems all my life, I had only discovered Adult Baby as a coping strategy in October 1990.

    A gal pal told me that Don Davis had accepted an invitation to a party in Hollywood, hosted by friends and to be held the first Saturday in May. I volunteered to run the reservation desk, figuring that way I could introduce myself to Don. I had read how he had been so tender to his late wife, Jean, when she lost her bladder control. I had only been on the desk about an hour when a well-dressed distinguished gentleman walks into the room. When he said he was Don Davis, I found his name tag and offered to put it on him, making sure he got a long look at my own name tag.

    Lucky for me someone took over the reservations duty. Don and I went to a quiet table and started talking. When the party started to shut down he drove me to an all-night deli, where we were still talking at dawn Sunday. I fell in love with Don a few minutes after we met. We have been a couple since we met. We married in October 1991. Don has always lovingly played "Daddy Don" when I am in the mood.

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    Well, Charlie and I met on here, and we take turns at taking care of each other.

    And we've not broken up yet, so fingers crossed on that one

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    me and my "Daddy" (boyfriend) met at work... we didnt have the slightest ideas about eachothers AB/DL lives... we just kept meeting up outside of work... he then said to me about everything he was into.... now we are like...SO happy and were are still together n hopefully will stay that way <3 x

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    Well me and AmyR met on another AB forum. She was a LG before she met me, but she has turned into more of a mummy I'm very lucky indeed

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    I met my girlfriend/mommy if you will, online through a mutual friend. They were dating at the time, but eventually broke up after a bad first meet in real life. He had been the one to introduce diapers and stuff to her, and while it's how we met, we have a lot in common with each other besides diapers and AB/DL lifestyle related things.

    We've been together for two years and four months, and they've been the best of my short life.

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    I have both a mommy and a daddy and both are very different relationships mostly because I'm gay. So to make this mommy is my ex gf and we share a child together whom stays with me full daddy I met on diaper-bois but also unknowingly met each other at a abdl tiki party....we just didn't talk because he thought I was taken.....we have only been together for a couple months but we have all the right qualities to make for a long term relationship. Both of us share things in common besides abdl.....(He rarely wears and just likes the daddy/son dynamic and age play) even though we are a generation apart(he is 45 and I'm 28) because neither of us look at this relationship as being about one kink and are open communicators, we both fully expect us to be in this for the long haul and have talked about marraige later on down the road...

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    I met my Daddy thru a having another friend on another site. we talked for a bit and we sorta hit it off pretty good. when we met is was awsome! i don't get to see him as much as i want but we still talk all the time. I will be seeing him soon again tho *can't wait!!!!*

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    Dang, I wish I had a mommy to take care of me like some of you :P

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    Yea same here Mk12121 I have met a few Abdl in my short life all of them have been males and into Gay or where severely mental. Those are a differently a turn off for me. I do however want t say mental disabilities I'm fine with.

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