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    Default Making Cloth Diapers

    If this is a really often brought up topic feel free to delete it but I had some questions for those of you that are experienced in this field. Well I have always wanted to try Cloth diapers for a variety of reasons but acquiring them is even more of a challenge then your classic Disposable diapers. With the recent ability to acquire my driver license its start to look like I may have a opportunity afoot. I am interested in creating my own cloth diapers from scratch really. I can get to a fabric store and buy all those things without having a mini-heart attack because its not as strange. What do I need, and what do I need to know/be able to do. I have a sewing machine that is my mom's but she never uses it. I am a 16 year old boy so I'm not real experienced in the field of sewing but I feel like I can figure it out. I want to make something that is capable of absorbing a wetting or two and something that can be used for messing as well. Cleaning them isn't a concern because I can do my own laundry. Any insight helps

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    Default Think all this through before embarking on any plan of action

    Messing in cloth is not practical. It will be one kind of hell to;

    • Remove all solids, prior to even attempting to use the wash machine.
    • Wash, diapers should be washed separately, so a 20kg machine will need a 20kg wash load of diapers
    • Dry, same rules as wash machine.

    I am taking it that you do indeed know how to use a wash machine as, Mammy will not be a happy camper if you contaminate the machine with mess, or worse damage it.


    In manufacture, you are looking to make a quantum leap here. You will need to make up and work from a pattern for size, style, etc. You should look at sites like Angle Fluff Cloth Diapers for layers, center panel ideas. I would suggest flat pre-fold type for simplicity.

    Your last problem is using a sewing machine. This is not as straightforward as first seems, you will need to learn how to;

    • Set up the machine and correctly route the thread.
    • Select the correct number of stitches per inch.
    • Set correct thread tension.

    I will say here that it is very easy to damage a sewing machine, I would suggest getting instruction. (((You could be interested in sewing model boat sails or cloth box kites. If you catch my drift.)))

    All this said you will still be left with having to acquire plastic pants, as their manufacture will be even more complex. I am not saying don't do it, but do think it through, though. It will be a good, but possibly steep learning curve. As they say, God loves a try'er.

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