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  • When the clock hits 12am.

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Thread: When does morning begin?

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    Default When does morning begin?

    If I am awake past 12am, it is still that night for me, and the next day does not begin until I wake up that day. I have pretty much always thought like this.

    For example: Even though it is in the 2am hour on Saturday, it is still Friday in my mind. I will not acknowledge it being Saturday until I have fallen asleep and wake up fully rested.

    I am just wondering, does anyone else think like this?

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    I acknowledge that it is Saturday at the moment, but it will not feel like Saturday to me until the sun comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Mr. Dictonary of legal definitions says this...

    morning - definition of morning by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. so morning technically starts at midnight.
    I know that midnight is when morning officially starts, but in my mind, it is still that night rather than the morning of the next day. I was asking if anyone else thought of it like I do.

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    I don't know where you are, but here we use the phrase "the early hours of the morning" which would be 2am etc.

    Personally if I look at my watch and it reads 00:01, then I consider that to be the next day, even if I've been up for hours before and then go to sleep.

    Think of it like this, imagine you staying for New Year's Eve at the end of December. Now when do you consider it the next year: when the clock chimes midnight, or when you wake up later in the day?

    Is that much different?

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    My body considers the day beginning when I wake up. Normally that is 0400J during the week, or slightly earlier. I am not sure why, since it is Saturday, why today I was wide awake at 0315J. The funny thing is if I fall asleep while the sun is shining, then wake up following that nap, my body does not react as if a new day has begun.

    Sure, my brain knows that officially the day begins at 0001 and ends at 2359. Where it gets confusing is the time zones. A couple of generations before I joined my law firm it had offices in many major cities, so all internal documents are dated and timed with respect to GMT. Yes, I know technically the preferred term now is UTC. Two terms for the same thing. Both are designated Z=Zulu time. Many websites use GMT for the time stamp, although some USA websites express GMT as AM and PM, which is very strange. J=Juliet is the designation for local time, which can be any time zone. GMT+0001 is designated A=Alpha Perhaps my favorite time zone is GMT-1000 W=Whiskey which is always the time in Hawai'i because they do not use Daylight or Summer Time, and alcohol flows freely in Hawai'i.

    Did you know the International Date Line is flexible? Sure, it is somewhere in the Central Pacific Ocean. That is where the official Day starts, normally at GMT+1200 Like so much of life, politics and business conspire to move the International Date Line. It turns out that for business reasons it is necessary for New Zealand and Sydney, Australia to always be the same day, with NZ 2 hours later. Where it gets tricky is that when Sydney, NSW, Australia goes on Daylight=Summer Time, that becomes GMT+1100. Guess what? Summer Time in NZ becomes GMT+1300. Some places believe their local time needs an off-set. South Australia is only 0:30 earlier that NSW or VIC. That always confuses me on every visit.

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    When I wake up the next day. When I go out to the clubs I'm out til like 4-5 am but it isn't the next day until I wake up, still confuses me when I hear some of my friends say it's the next day after midnight. In fairness I'm always up past midnight these days so it makes things a bit easier.

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    Not morning till I see the sun.

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    It's not morning until my eyes open somewhere between dawn and 11am.

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