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Thread: Diaper Run vs Other Runs

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    Default Diaper Run vs Other Runs

    Okay I hear all the stories of Diaper Runs and feeling weird.

    But is it not the same as a condom run?

    I was in line the other day and this guy was completely nervous and standing a good distance back from the person in front of him to the point you would ask him if he was in line until you noticed he had a box of condoms in his hand. (I so wanted to make a comment but held back as I remember the feeling of having to do what you have to do.)

    Of course the person in front of him was a lady and she looked pretty nice, too (I better make sure you understand this girl was no where near as pretty as my girlfriend).

    I of course am past that nervous diaper shopping stage of life and can care less what people think as it is just part of life as is buying milk and condoms.

    So is buying condoms any different then buying diapers?

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    people need diapers, people need condoms. I don't see whats to be embarrassed about.

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    Honestly I am only 16 so condom runs are sort of weird but its even stranger for a 16 year old to be buying diapers. Honestly is mostly expected that I am sleeping around by this age (I'm not.....) so better that i'm doing it safely. But diapers....ehhh thats a little different, most kids my age are past that by this point lol.

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    People are nervous about buying condoms because the US is a puritanical society that like to pretend that sex is dirty on its face while in the shadows half the people preaching that are off buggering boys and having prostitutes do all manner of dirty things to them.

    We basically raise people to assume that if someone knows you are having sex they are judging you.

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    The first time I bought diapers felt pretty similar to the first time I bought condoms. Nervousness, excitement, embarrassment, heart pounding so hard you just knew everyone could hear it, the feeling that EVERYONE is staring at you - so yeah, I'd say they're pretty similar. If I had to guess, I'd say that the same feeling diminishes over time, too. It did for condoms, but I don't buy diapers in a store anymore cuz you can't buy Bambinos locally.

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    I think they are similar experiences. but at the same time i think that it's all in your head for both buying diapers or buying condoms. There's no shame in buying diapers, it's your business. likewise buying condoms is your business... and it's RESPONSIBLE.

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    Buyig diapers, condoms, or anything else is the same to me. I couldn't care less what others think of me. Once I bought a Super Street mag (stupid subscription doesn't come with the freebies) and the lady up front looked at me all weird, mainly because of the half naked photos of the women in there, but still. I'm not reading it for the women though, I'm reading it for the awesomeness inside FYI.

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    I don't mind buying condoms. Why should I be embarrassed about it? It announces to the world that I'm gettin' some.

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    Well it is a hard question because both things are necessary but I still don't know why people get awkward when they buy condoms. I mean what would be a more crazy thought "hey I think this guy is buying condoms so that he can bang his girl real hard tonight" or "hey I think this guy is buying some diapers to shit himself in" I have never bought condoms out of experience but I hope I can buy both in the same purchase :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    I don't mind buying condoms. Why should I be embarrassed about it? It announces to the world that I'm gettin' some.

    Ditto on that.

    There are lots of personal items that people buy for need, enemas, laxative, suppositories, menstrual products, anti-fungals, yeast infection, ed products, desensitizers, etc. Unless you are a young teen, condoms are at the bottom of the list by far. As far as I'm concerned, if you are not mature enough to buy condoms, you sure as hell not mature enough to engage in sexual activities.

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