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    I'm Marc I am a 19 years old adultbaby living near Montreal, Québec (Yeah I speak french too for those who want to text me in french). My username come from the first diaper brand I bought when I was 12, but I don't wear goodnites anymore since I find these not absorbant enough. I am presently studying computer sciences in programming and multimedia but enjoy electronics and computers in general (I am a big fan of Apple products). I also listen to a lot of music during my free time (mostly all the time) and like to dj.

    I am new to this forum since tbkingdom (tb french forum) for those who know is closed for maintenance.

    If you want to know more, just ask!

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    You finally subscribed! That's cool ^__^

    Yeah TBKingdom is closed since like May, I hope it's going to open soon! I've been told they're still working on the site. I guess everything will be fine in a couple of weeks...

    Oh BTW, I'm known as "Tails" on TBK, just letting you know ^_^

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    Bienvenue à ADISC! We have a pretty good sized francophone community here, so although all the discussions are in English, You'll find plenty of people to chat with in French.

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    Bienvenue sur ADISC. Comme tu a sûrement pu le constater, on est une couple à être capable de parler français ici. Moi, je suis tout à fait bilingue (le français étant ma langue maternelle), mais il y en a d'autres qui le parlent tout de même relativement bien. Tu peux venir sur le chat où, bien sûr, on parle en anglais, mais tu m'a l'air de très bien te débrouiller.

    Welcome to ADISC. As you might have noticed, we are a bunch of people who are able to speak French here. In my case, I am pretty much bilingual (Ok, I notice I changed my translation a bit, but that's only because of grammar puppies like Zephy) (French being my mother tongue), but there are other people who speak it relatively well. You can come to the chat where, of course, we do speak English, but you seem to me like you don't have much issues with the language.

    EDIT: I notice you are looking into DJing. I am one, actually. Nice to see people interested in doing that

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    OMG O.O you like science like me and are taking like the same courses as me too . also welcome to the site.

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    Salut! Le site a plusieurs membres qui parlent Français et un grand nombre de Canadiens aussi. Anyways, thanks for telling us about yourself, welcome to the community, and I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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