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  • every 6 months

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Thread: how often do you restock?

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    Default how often do you restock?

    I am not sure if there were any previous similar threads like this but I am just wondering how often do you go out and restock your diaper supply? How much do you spend every month?

    I spend about $100 on case of diapers and supplies- lasts about 3 months

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    It takes me about six months to go through a case of large Bambinos... But I also wear cloth occasionally. I buy powder and lotion and wipes whenever I seem to be running low.

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    I spent 3 packs of 40 diapers so far, and on average it takes me 6 months to go through one.

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    Its going to be every summer now, its the easiest time for me to get stuff, and I can make 2 packs of abenas last an entire year.

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    I buy based mostly on opportunity. I buy if I come across some diapers I have not tried or if I find a case super cheap on e-bay. I generally wear 1-2 diapers per day on average so I have about a years supply on hand if I were to stop buying.

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    I order my nappies online every 3-4 months which amounts to about 250 nappies or so per order. This is based on an average of 2-3 nappies per day or 17-21 each week costing around 175

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    I usually have diapers on order at all times, but I always get them as I need them
    I guess you could say I have a rotating stock

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    I like to restock, when I get down to about a week and a half worth of diapers. It usually takes no more then a week to get diapers shipped to me, and have not ran out of diapers by using my system of restocking.

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    Once a year. Or every other year. I don't wear them as often as I'd like. It's NOT purging, but just that I can't be bothered to wear often. I have to hide in one room, the kitchen, with chairs that aren't all that comfortable (they are at first, but not for long. I don't know why. The chairs do have padding, so I don't get it. Maybe they're arched uncomfortably or something like that.) among other things. I could probably easily wear more often, but I like to wear my night gown too, which is why I have to hide in one room. Then I have to hope no one wakes up. I don't have my own room. (...and I would rather not live alone. too lonely and expensive. I can't win.)

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