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Thread: Cousin Couples/Kissing Cousins

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    Default Cousin Couples/Kissing Cousins

    In light of my replies to recent topics I decided... aw, hell, why not?

    What does one think of it? Any sort of cousin (romantic and/or sexual) relationships?
    Many people view it as incest; many people claiming to be liberal (socially) view it as nothing but us "inbreed conservatives/southerners" do (you despite the fact that politics has nothing to do with it). Then again, some have no problem with it regardless of politics.
    Some think it's okay for distant cousins (ie too distant to even be considered related). Some think it's okay so long as you're not first cousins.
    And so on and so forth.

    The way I see it, it doesn't make any sense for there to be anything wrong with it. Hell, the everyday passerby won't even know the two are related unless you tell them!
    That's the social aspect.

    Now on the the Genetic aspect. Think the kid will come out with three heads, 7 toes and one eye? Think again!
    Actually for second and third cousins it's actually ups your chances of having a healthy child because you have similar genes yet not so similar it would cause a problem.

    Is there and increased risk for possible offspring? Yes, but it's no different than that of a woman over 35 having children yet they can still have kids.

    It's legal in a lot of countries, which most don't think that it is. It's legal in I believe about half of the US states too... and no, actually, Arkansas and West Virginia are not included (I know, what a shocker, right?).
    In my oh-so wonderful state it's only illegal for first cousins I believe. And I think it's legal in Florida, New York, California, Alabama, and those are the only ones I can name off the top of my head.

    Also in a number of states where it's illegal there are also loopholes stating that oh sure you can get married, just don't do it in our state.

    For those of you religious you should seriously consider re-reading some things. But then again it varies, slightly, with religion.

    Going back to genetics here, that was all assuming they even wanted kids in the first place. And I believe a few states require genetic counseling before you think about having a kid, and they can help you determine the odds of deformities and whatnot.

    Now on to my own personal story, I have no problem with it, never have.
    As a matter of fact I was in a relationship with one of my cousins once. It didn't end well but we're cool still.
    [by the way, I wasn't breaking the law, he's my first cousin once removed - meaning he's my first cousins kid]

    And so now I ask if, despite all the evidence, people still have a problem with it?
    And if you do or do not please state why. Oh and do you think it should be legal on a state by state basis (at least in the US obviously)?

    And generally, just give an opinion is all.

    Cousins Couples
    More links to be added as soon as I find all those articles.

    Note: Sorry if I come off sounding sarcastic or rude. I've had a hard day today and didn't feel like beating around the bush.
    Oh, and I didn't see a topic for this, so if there is one I'm sorry but I did search.

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    I've always had a crush on one of my older brothers. He knows this. What I don't know is if the feelings are mutual. We've never done anything sexual about it, and we are married to separate people, though we are extremely close and each other's best friends.

    I realize this topic is about cousins, not siblings. Regarding inbreeding in general, I am a result of such and my family had a lot of unhealthy genes to begin with. Inbreeding naturally worsened this. I do not think that, if I were to have a child with my brother, said child would be a very functional person. In fact, though my body was designed for healthy pregnancies in almost any circumstance, it is most probable that mutual offspring of my brother and I would not survive the first months in the womb due to our specific biological abnormalities. As aforementioned, we have a lot of unhealthy genes to begin with and likewise with our ancestors.

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    what ever floats any ones boat.....i dont have any issue with it.....being related by blood shouldnt change that you love the person....i draw the line at parents and offspring getting cozy but everything else i think is fine......i guess i have a rather liberal view point on these types of and let live...

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    The problem with an unhealthy child in an incest relationship is that there are recessive genes in the gene pool that can be harmful to the baby. Like heart problems. If heart problems are common in your family, then that gene has a higher chance of popping up. That's why a lot of people think incest is wrong. But that can't be the reason because people find nothing wrong with you marrying into a family with heart problems if you also have the same background. The same recessive genes could match, but for some reason the argument doesn't apply anymore and the relationship is ok. This means that incest is only culturally wrong, which is why I'm perfectly ok with any form of incest. In fact, studies have shown that over time, incest removes the recessive genes from the pool and makes a better chance for healthy babies.

    So, all and all, any form of relations between family members is ok because it doesn't harm anyone except the possibility of an unhealthy baby which doesn't hold a strong argument because that possibility can be just as great with people outside of your family.

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    I didn't know this until just a few years ago but my uncle married his cousin.. They got divorced in the mid or late 90s I think. But they had two kids but both seem pretty good.. ones in the the forces and the other is in film, last I heard of him anyways. One of them wanted to be in the CIA but I forgot which, I haven't seen either of them since I was pretty young though.

    But yeah, I don't think it's wise to date/marry inside the family even if it's only by name and not blood. (Ironically the bible is filled with incest near the start and after noah's flood/ark.)

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    personally i think its wrong, not because of all the genetic frak and the like but because thinking of being with my cousins makes me wanna gag. so personally for me its wrong. do i think it should be illegal? no not really, just because something weirds me out doesnt mean it should be illegal and hushed up. as long as its not hurting anyone i say go for it. although with that said, it could cause your family alot of stress. i dont know about state side but over here it would be a scandal of epic proportion if word got around about two cousins doin it. so that could be harmfull to others..... food for thought

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    I'm of the opinion that what happens between two (or more) mature adults is the prerogative of said pair/group and none other. As such, adults can enter into any type of relationship with other adults and what I think of their decision to do so is neither here nor there. This stands for any number of adults (two or more), any combination of genders, and any genetic familial status.

    Where my opinions get fuzzy is when you start asking the question of children. On one hand, I think it's a woman's fundamental right to bear a child with any consenting partner of her choice. On the other hand, I think it's also a case where there's something to be said for restraint. While there are a few situations in which I object to people having kids, one of them is when they're going to have children whose time on this planet will be short and horrible. Now of course, you can't always predict with 100% certainty that two people will conceive a child with a horrible genetic condition, but in many cases you can tell if it will be a 25%* chance or better. If I come to you and say: I'm thinking of a number 1 through 4. Guess the wrong one, and I'll give your kid Tay-Sachs, would that seem fair? No? Well when an incestuous (father-daughter/mother-son) baby is conceived, this is exactly what you're doing. I seriously don't see how people who are otherwise capable parents can make that choice.

    Now of course, the OP brought up the specific case of consanguineous reproduction of the cousin-cousin variety, the numbers will have a lower threshold, but the same principles apply. In such cases, I can only hope the couple will get genetic testing and counseling up the wazoo to see what risks they run and make a decision based on that data. If there's a chance, don't do it. Find a child up for adoption who needs a home.

    *Please don't dispute this number as I already know that it's a gross generalization. I'm working on an advanced degree in biology so I'm well aware it's more complicated than I made it out to be.

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    personally i think its wrong, not because of all the genetic frak and the like but because thinking of being with my cousins makes me wanna gag.
    Ah well, at least unlike many people I talk to - you can get past your personal squick to see the bigger picture.

    I'd tap my cousin. He's hot. :/

    Twincest is wincest. 8c

    *is so weird*
    My cousin used to be hot. But then he lost all that weight. *sigh*
    Hot cousins... so hard to deal with yet you wouldn't have it any other way. XD

    Yes, yes it is.

    ...Who isn't weird?

    Anyway, I don't have time to reply to everything right now, but in a nutshell it's refreshing for me to get these kinds of comments.
    So thank you to all who've answered so far and I'll try and get back to your individual comments later on.

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    Alright I don't think Cousins couples are wrong. My Uncle is married to his First Cousin. They had kids and their kids are among the smartest in their among their piers. They have no defects so that a whole "inbreeding thing" Is a load. My cousin (thier son) has a 4 GPA as does my other cousin. Essentially there is nothing wrong with them. So As for cousin couples.... I think it's alright. They are even married by the Catholic church so there is nothing really wrong with it. >_>

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