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Thread: Who would you turn Gay for

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    Default Who would you turn Gay for

    It's quite a simple question really. Those of you out there that are heteros; Who would you turn gay for, and those of you out there that ,Like me, are happy happy homos who would you turn straight for.

    I would turn straight for Eva Longoria. I mean come on! the Desperate Housewives couldn't be sexier.

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    I honestly don't think I could change my sexuality. I mean, sure I can see a guy and think 'he looks nice', but it wouldn't be a sexual attraction as I get with women.

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    That's not the point!
    I'm not asking do you want to change your sexuality, i'm asking if you could, who would you do it for.
    I don't want to do it with a woman, i'm just saying.......

    Just have some fun with it and get back to me with a REAL answer

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    Um.... None really.... >_> Maybe Orlando Bloom with the Elf Hair.... but that would be about it.

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    It's sad that I've thought about this time and time again.

    - Cillian Murphy
    - Robert Downey, Jr.
    - Hugh Laurie
    - Andrew W.K.
    - Harold Perrineau

    And that's only a start.

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    badger that is turning bi, and it doesnt count

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    I could say, but she isn't well known.

    She's this really nice girl at my school.

    I do hang around with nice girls, though.

    Oh yeah, I love personality, not looks.

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    Myself. Seriously, each time I have an OBE and I see myself I'm like "Damn I look so fuckable right now".

    Wait, wait... okay seriously speaking. No one probably. I don't like women. I don't like the way most look, I don't like the way they act, I don't like the way they think, and I don't like it when they don't have large boobs (sorry, I like my women with large built in pillows).
    I'm speaking in generics, mind you now. Not every girl is like that. Just the ones I come across are.

    That being said, Cathy, an old friend of mine. Except she lacks in the boob department so so much. But she was awesome!
    I miss her, she was the only one who understood what I was saying most of the time.

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    I can't answer this question because I am bisexual, but I would love to have Emma Watson.

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