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Thread: Would you be embarrassed

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    Default Would you be embarrassed

    Would you be embarrassed if someone you don't know thinks you are wearing because they see a diaper bulge? what about if they know you are wearing like they see your diaper in the public bathroom or sticking out of your pants or even at air port screening. If you would be embarrassed why do you care what someone you don't know thinks?

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    It guess it depends on whether they say something and how they react.

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    Unless they made a scene i wouldn't really care, I'd be bugged more by the fact that they where stareing at my butt/crotch enough to notice.

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    i don't care. I have grown to the mindset of "I wear diapers, so what; sometimes they show, so what; sometimes they need to be changed when wet or messy, big deal. I change in bathrooms, walk out of the stall with a diaper in hand and trash it, all while somebody is in the stall next to me.

    Just FYI: I am not incont, per say, just have some bowel issues sometimes. I am mainly ABDL, but I keep the mindset that if I act like wearing a diaper, having to change it, etc. is normal, I will not look nervous and out of place when i need to change or it is noticed

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    Nah I wouldn't be embarrassed... I'd just grin.... I'm a bit of an exhibitionist... rather I try to hide it but if someone see's I get a thrill out of it.

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    ^ that exept it kinda depends on the reaction if they were just like"hmm is he wearing a diaper?!?" then id be ya im wearing one is really comfy and lot better than those nasty toilets." but if they were " HEY LOOK AT THIS KID HES WEARING A BABY DIAPER!" then id lie and say im incontenant and pretend to cry and run away is that bad?) "

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    Butterfly Mage


    If it's someone I don't know, I'm likely not to care unless the person is rude enough to make a snide remark.

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    If I didn't know the person then I wouldn't care, chances are I wouldn't see them again. If it was a friend then I would care a bit but try and dismiss it as something else, if it was family then I'd be mortified not embarrassed.

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    If it was someone I did not know then no I wouldn't. Might even get a slight thrill. I would not intentionally expose the diaper but if they noticed then oh well. Since I don't know them and will likely never see them again no harm done

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    I remember a time when I was embarrassed enough without anyone seeing me... To this day, I can't buy diapers out of the store, because I'm too embarrassed being seen with them.

    Chances are that will fade, now that I have someone living with me who is incontinent...

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