hey guys i like to draw stuff with my pencil and crayon, if u want me to draw your fusona just ask me here is a link to all the pics i have drawn, post if ur interested

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if ur interested just fill out the following form
(im best at wolves, but i can try other animals)

all drawings are dont in pencil and my crayons (i cant find my colored pencils XD)

1. Type of animal?
2. Anthro/normal?
2a. If anthro do you want hair on top? or just fur?
3. Ear shape? (curved or pointed)
4. Whiskers?
5. Fur color?
6. Secondary color? (this will be applied to the muzzle area trust me it looks weird if they are the same color)
7. Do you want the tips of your ears shaded a different color?
8. Any special markings on face?
9. Anything else please specify