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Thread: Who changes you?

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    Default Who changes you?

    I'm sure this is not the first time this has been made, but I don't see one on the first 3 pages. Who changes you? This past week my mom has been making me to it myself all week. She was telling me stuff like "You're not living here forever, so it's good you lean how do it yourself." She is right. At 16 I should be doing it myself, but it's really hard after going number 2....I do hope to live on my own one day, so I should get used to it. Anyway pre-this week my sister or mother did it most of the time.

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    are you disabled. why would your mom or sister be changing you at this age? seems like a typical abdl story plot line being passed off as real life truth....and that is frowned upon here on adisc and can get you banned....

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    maybe you are telling the truth and im not one to make assumptions but your thread just doesnt seem truthful but any how i voted in the poll but didnt realize you could pick vote choice was caretaker because i have both a mommy and a daddy but i also change my self.
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    I wish, I could find someone which would change me.
    But it is hard to find. I don't need diapers, but i love to wear it.
    So the only way to wear or change is by myself. :/

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    Anyway, in this thread you say you're 16, but you've already told us that your age is 20!
    It's weird threads like this that make me check up on that stuff.


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