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Thread: *dances* Guess who just got into closed beta for Lego Universe

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    Default *dances* Guess who just got into closed beta for Lego Universe

    Lego universe, that MMO by the lego guys (whos idea was that?)

    anyway, if anyone cares to hear it, im going to skim over the agreements and see if im allowed to tell you anything

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    i've been in the beta for a while, my biggest problem is rubberbanding and infinite enemy respawn, but it's a beta, so it could easily be fixed by the time it goes gold

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    Oh, do tell if it's actually a decent sort of game.
    It's something that caught my eye some time ago.

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    My friends dad works for lego, he offered me a closed beta spot. I declined. He quit Lego, now I can never change my mind. Should I feel regretful? Explain how it's good cause I haven't really looked into it XD

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    awsome potential, frustrating bug and poor game design choice, but these are being taken care of slowly

    Well, sofar its not bad, but not worth any money... ehh

    you got equipment and quests, monsters.

    No level system. you just run randomly, and find stuff to wear/better weapons. (loose questline to follow)

    you earn an achivement every 10 minutes, and earn some random item for it.

    there are alot of pointlessly inconvienent things (Ex: to use a rocket station, you have to open up your inventory, then your models tab, then find your self-assembled rocket and drag that onto the screen. Real pain due to the fact rocket is the only way to travel between worlds.)

    You kill fairly epic monsters, lots of random objects, fun weapons. monsters respawn far too quickly, and fighting a large gang of elites can wind you up in an endless loop of fighting. asploded monsters drop health, armour, money, and bricks

    you find all sorts of bricks ALL the time (half an hour random adventure = atleast 300 bricks), and you get to go build with them on your "property" the building system seems promising with "behaviours" (simple logic you can add) and all the technic parts you could imagine

    Too bad its so damn bugy you cant get anything to work the way you want to.

    oh, not very social. you can only use pre-determined dictionary words (very few, many are missing. and you cant complain about " not enough words for my vocaublary" becuase vocabulary is not recognized T_T )

    currently, you cant use/say any numbers. and almost every item is temporariliy locked from trade

    here is the regular chat around the town
    "Anyone selling a parrot? will pay tent eye grand" (twenty grand)


    It has a ton of potential, and there is a bit of addiction to it, but it seems very un-refined.

    But to be fair, its version 0.195 right now... soo... I haave hope.

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