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Thread: Easier buying baby items?

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    Default Easier buying baby items?

    I guess I'll try to start a discussion up.

    Do you find it easier buying baby items now then when you did when you were a teenager?

    I do, actually. It's not nearly half as incriminating seeing a grown man by Baby things when the usual assumption would be that he's a father.

    A teenager however wouldn't get that luxury. so... err... yeah.

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    That makes sense, although it's a bit different when I go buying NUK 5s, because they're explicitly marketed as "adult pacifiers", and not intended for babies. I'm not quite old enough to have an adult son or daughter (off by a few months when you consider conceiving a kid at age 12).


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    Well like Kraiden stated it isn't that easy to buy babystuff. Because there's one major thing that can go wrong... They either think you have a kid(sadly I've had that happen before). Every other time I went to go get something though the cashiers said nothing. Which I wasn't expecting at all.

    As an easy way to do stuff... I just wanna say having someone there with you helps alot. When Zyph and I went to go get a few things it wasn't hard at all.

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    I think that as an adult it's easier to buy just about anything, cause you don't live with your parents you can bring home anything you want and not have to carefully hide things. It doesn't have to be diapers, as an adult, you can come home with a bag of marshmallows and a dozen chocolate bars for dinner without your mom screaming at you.

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    Well depending on where you live in the world, you may still be assumed to be a parent...

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    I find it easier when I have my beard grown out since it looks like I am in my 30's then even though I am only 20. But anyways its also been easy to buy a baby bottle or sippy cups and even baby diapers or goodnites. Though I don't mind going into any store at any time to buy a package of depends. Thats unless I ran into someone I know pretty well but thats never happened much at all even while shopping for normal stuff.

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    Good question Kraiden!

    I would have to say yes. As I have gained experience in such purchases, it gets easier each time. As I have become more independent, I have had more freedom to go to what ever store whenever I want. When I graduated high school, Dad made it quite clear that I was an adult. Mom still wanted to know where I was at all times, but no longer had much control. After leaving home a few months later, no one cared where I went. Nothing like a thousand miles of separation to declare one's independence!

    As for the actual purchases, having a steady income helped out significantly. However, I am not sure about people's suspicions when I purchase adult diapers in my size. Other than that, it is so much easier now.

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    When I was a kid I had it all planned out to ride my bike to the local store and buy diapers, but I was too scared. Even though my kids are grown and gone, I still look dad aged, so I can go and buy Goodnights with no problem. But now I'm starting to approach that age where I wouldn't buy depends because they'll think, "Oh, poor soul. Must be prostate." So there is the other side, you young 20 year olds!

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    mostly when i buy diapers in person rather than ordering online i buy from a medical supply store rather than an ordinary drug store like walgreens or whatever. i think the people behind the counter probably assume i'm a nurse or a home-care worker of some sort. i always ask for a receipt to make it seem like the company i work for is going to pay for it. :P

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    well it's easier in that i can order stuff online (ebay, etc.) which gives access to a TON of options that aren't limited to stores. If i am forced to go to a store, then it is sooooo easy especially here in Indy. Most of the people that go to school with me are parents themselves so i can blend in with everyone if i wear my uniform (uniforms are more functional btw, its auto tech. training.)

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