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Thread: Hey, from Gresham, Oregon

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    Smile Hey, from Gresham, Oregon

    Yeah. Hi. lol.

    I've never really introduced myself on here. I joined on another account a while back but I didn't remember my login name.

    I'm from a town called Gresham, Oregon. It's right next to Portland, Oregon. I'm 16, I go to high school im going to be a junior this year. My hobbies are obviously diapers, im a TB/DL, I wear just for fun. My hobbies are music, im in symphonic band at my school, im a percussionist.

    Sooo yeah. If you want to add me on MSN or Yahoo, go right ahead. I never talked to anyone my age before in this 'community' so i'm jumping at the chance to throw myself out there Also, im in vacation in Chicago right now, so Im not in my hometown.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC.

    You might want to be more careful about openly sharing your location. We're here to enjoy each other's company in an online setting, not find people to meet up with in real life.

    What kind of music do you usually listen to? I've got a friend in drumline and he's a headbanging freak (and I only say freak because the same is true for me ). I've gotten a thing for prog metal lately.

    Enjoy your time here! Drop by IRC sometime.


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    Welcome to the community, parks! Hope you have fun meeting everyone here. Best part about this community is that it's very active and we talk about a big variety of things, not just about TB or AB.

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